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  1. timinator1993

    Whos staying on here?

    Well Guys, HSC is done for the majority of year 12, will you be staying on BoS in the upcoming Uni years?
  2. timinator1993

    Year 10 SC syllabus?

    If you have textbooks, look at the contents page and You'll see the main headings, basically break down your study into those headings.
  3. timinator1993

    THe Movie that ruined the Franchise

    What movie completely ruined its franchise? My vote goes to the 3rd Matrix :/
  4. timinator1993

    Raw Marks

    Alright guys so based on the difficulty of the paper what do you think the cut Off's will be for band 5/6?
  5. timinator1993

    AoS Related Texts

    Just checking, they are allowed up to 2 related texts aren't they? Thx.
  6. timinator1993

    Raw Marks for business studies

    Heyo, Just wondering If anyone has a rough idea of the raw marks needed for band 6 in business studies? Thanks ^_^
  7. timinator1993

    Everything is illuminated

    I'm doing this as my related text, wondering if anyone has any sort of notes/essays on it? As i do study and write some notes etc I will post them here. ciao
  8. timinator1993

    Estimate :)

    So I made a thread earlier, though my marks/ranks were changed a bit due to teacher mistakes :/ thanks! School rank - 277 Eng Adv 73% - 11/36 Mathematics - 75% - 3/16 Business - 83% - 2/21 SDD - 84% - 2/12 physics - 66% - 7/13 Maths Extn1 - 32/50 - 3/7 Thanks (Y)
  9. timinator1993

    ATAR estimate :)

    hey everyone, just wondering If I can get some sort of estimate as to my atar, my school rank is 268, adv Eng - 4/40 Business - 1/25 sdd - 2/12 mathematics - 5/22 extn1 maths - 3/9 physics - 6/24 Thanks guys ;)
  10. timinator1993

    Living Expenses?

    Hey, Going to UTS next year, just wondering what the living expenses would be for 2 people to rent a cheap apartment near uts? i.e rent, internet, food etc Thanks!
  11. timinator1993

    practice exam help?

    hia, im doing this practice exam for maths 2u, Bored of Studies - Student online community, resources, notes, past exams, UAI Calculator, ENTER Calculator, HSC, VCE and for question 1b, do they mean find what cos is in the first quadrant, then use exact values ti find it? or on my calculator...
  12. timinator1993

    Results thread

    Hi Ho, post your SC results in here! eng - A - 83% (band 5 obviously) math - A - 83% Science - A - 88% Geog - A - 88% Hist - A - 86% Comp - Highly Comp. - 97% also IT - A and Commerce - A Average exam mark - 87.5
  13. timinator1993

    Revision notes *All Subjects*

    Well you have given much to me, so this is my upload of my notes, some are rewritten ones I downloaded from here, I uploaded them to mediafire as the uploader isn't working, but 100% safe as mediafire runs a virus scan before you can upload :) Medaifire link for my notes Reuploaded my notes...
  14. timinator1993

    Maths SC HELP

    well, ive been doing the online multiple choice for maths, and i cant seem to get my average of aroung 73%, ive been doing heaps of maths work, but i cant seem ti improve, any one have any advice on how to do well in the maths SC exam? thanks
  15. timinator1993

    What did you think of trials?

    how did you guys find the trials? overall i thought they were easy, computing was easy as, and science i finished with over an hour to go....