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  1. tickboom

    Maths Ext 1 - Got Some Questions

    Does this help? It's a similar question and I reckon if you use the same approach, you should be able to work it out ...
  2. tickboom

    Math Ext 2 - Got Some Questions

    These rectangles and curves questions pop up quite a bit in relation to inequality proofs, so it's good to get comfortable with the technique. Here's a few similar questions I've seen on this front:
  3. tickboom

    Maths Help

    P(B | A) = P(B and A) / P(A) ... in this case, let A be winning the first season, and B be winning the second season
  4. tickboom

    Doing Extension 2 Math Year 12

    Funnily enough I got exactly 94 for my extension 2 HSC mark. From memory I had a crack at everything, but there was one question where I was just stabbing in the dark. This was back when Extension 2 HSC exams only had 8 questions, so I’d say I felt good about 7/8 of the questions to end up with 94 …
  5. tickboom

    A general question for limits

    Yes good point well presented!
  6. tickboom

    A general question for limits

    Oooooh yes very good point! ... What about this approach? (I squared top and bottom to simplify instead) ... Or does this approach also have an issue?
  7. tickboom

    A general question for limits

    Is it 1? ... My instinct was to try and get that x out of the denominator ...
  8. tickboom

    What Happened here?

    Doesn't this simply mean that when x=1, the steepness of the tangent of the curve y=x^r happens to be r?
  9. tickboom

    Calculus help- velocity and displacement

    Is it just multiplying everything in the 2nd last line by e^t ... ?
  10. tickboom

    The content of this question seems new to me, even thought I’ve studied the necessary chapter in the textbook and class. Can someone explain this Q

    Haha nah just the questions that people send me, plus the few common content ones that I came across in a SMH article. I think it's just a big coincidence that all the questions you happen to be struggling with are ones that I've already covered.
  11. tickboom

    I don’t get part b

    Sure do! The famous crickets question. I'll link the video in your other post about it.
  12. tickboom

    What is going on here? Can someone explain, I don’t get anything happening in this image.

    No worries! It was really a coincidence as someone had already asked me the same question quite soon after the exam last year.
  13. tickboom

    What is going on here? Can someone explain, I don’t get anything happening in this image.

    How to determine the stationary points of f(g(x)) using only the charts of f(x) and g(x)
  14. tickboom

    Binomial expansion

    This is eerily similar to Q14 a) of the 2020 Extension 1 exam. I made a video working through the explanation, which you might find helpful when thinking in general about the benefit of the "equating of coefficients" technique. Enjoy!
  15. tickboom

    Impossible continuous probability question?

    https://faculty.math.illinois.edu/~hildebr/461/continuous1.pdf Try taking a look at this link. I remember this from uni. The definition of a continuous random variable is that P(X=x)=0 for any x, so I reckon that is what the question writer was thinking when they wrote this question 🤔
  16. tickboom

    Impossible continuous probability question?

    Oh wait, is this a trick question? If it is a continuous random variable, is the probability of a single point just 0? Since for continuous random variables you can only find the probability between ranges?
  17. tickboom

    Impossible continuous probability question?

    My mind went straight to the exponential distribution when I read this (which only has one parameter, the mean). Is that a distribution you have learned about?