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    Doing past papers by topic all in one go or spread over the year?

    Hey guys, we have finished our first extension topic induction. As I've heard that doing past papers is the best way to study, my question now is should I do all past paper induction questions in one go like in one or two weekends, or should I do one or two a week spread over the year? Thank you!
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    Anyone have Shintoism notes?

    Hi, does anyone have the notes for Shintoism? It is a very hard topic to find notes on so I would greatly appreciate it if someone had them here :)
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    Holiday Preparation for Yr 11 English and Maths Extension?

    Hey guys, my name's howyagoing12 and I have a question for you all. How can I best utilise my holidays to prepare for Year 11? Today marks the first day of holidays and school starts at the end of January or beginning of Feburary, so I have a fair bit of time to prepare. Subjects I'm...