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  1. jnney

    $5 All textbooks: Ex1 & Ext2 Maths, Chem, Bio must go!

    Mathematics Cambridge 3U Mathematics $10 Fitzpatrick 3U New Senior Mathematics $10 3U HSC Maths Phoenix $5 4U HSC Maths Phoenix $5 3U Mathematics Extension 1 Success One HSC 1992 - 2009 $5 Mathematics Extension 2 Jacaranda $5 Mathematics Extension The Mathematical...
  2. jnney

    97.85 ATAR[SELLING CHEAP]: PRELIM+HSC Math Ext1, Ext2, Biology, Chemistry + More

    Hey guys! :) Hope you're studies are going well. I'm moving houses soon and can no longer hold onto my beloved textbooks! Photos can be provided upon request. All books are in very good condition with minimal markings (*excepting those with an asterisk, which are in a good condition, also...
  3. jnney

    >>>97.85 ATAR: Prelim + HSC BIOLOGY TUTORING $20/hr– 1st lesson FREE!

    >>>97.85 ATAR: PRELIM + HSC BIOLOGY TUTORING $50/hr HSC!! Hello! My name is Jenny Tran, and I graduated from the HSC in 2012. I am currently a student at UNSW (B.Psyc) and have the intention to pursue a masters in clinical psychology. I am an experienced biology tutor who has been teaching...
  4. jnney

    What career would you pursue if you knew you couldn't fail?

    Post your replies below!
  5. jnney

    Tatum & Beadle Qu.

    Hi guys, I'm a bit confused about this dot point. Here is some information I obtained from the Biology in Focus textbook: 1. They irradiated the bread mould Neurospora crassa with X-rays to induce mutations. The resulting mould forms they called mutants. 2. Further experimentation showed...
  6. jnney


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IDGkup-EuI&feature=related This video is informative, you should watch it. :)
  7. jnney

    need english tutor asap

    is there anyone who has studied speeches in module b for english that could help/tutor me for the next couple of days? i've been trying and trying to write a practice essay for days but i just can't do it. i have an exam on monday. i'm so stressed.
  8. jnney

    anyone who is / has studied speeches

    I've been trying to get my head around it to write my essay for days, and I'm still having problems. Could someone please help me out my PMing me? Thanks.
  9. jnney

    salt concentration

    http://imgur.com/fs9Wo is it C? :D
  10. jnney

    le chatelier's principle

    Using LCP, account for the sharp acidic taste of soft drinks. Soft drinks contain carbon dioxide dissolved in water. To begin, CO2(g) is converted into CO2(aq) under pressure [as it is in a closed system]. CO2(g) <---> CO2(aq). By LCP, the equilibrium will favour the forwards reaction and...
  11. jnney


    is it necessary to learn the condensed formula for b-glucose forming cellulose, or is the structural formula sufficient?
  12. jnney

    pedigree diagrams

  13. jnney

    fish and water concentration

    Explain how this fish could survive this reduced salinity (3 marks) -Excrete large volumes of dilute urine to rid excess water, caused by active reabsorption of salts by the body. -Gills will actively absorb any salts. Active absorption and reabsorption reduces loss in salts from urine. WHERE...
  14. jnney

    extended response

    Analyse information from secondary sources on the historical development of theories of evolution and use available evidence to assess social and political influences on these developments would i need to talk about da vinci and buffon in an evaluate/assess question?
  15. jnney

    section 2 understanding people (umat)

    A 65-year-old man comes to you with complaining of abdominal pain that is persistent but not extreme. You run some tests which reveal that he has cancer of the pancreas. The man has just retired from a busy professional career, and he and his wife are about to leave on a round-the-world cruise...
  16. jnney


    http://imgur.com/x0KW6 :)
  17. jnney

    conjugate property

    if |z|=|w|, prove that (z+w)/(z-w) is purely imaginary. be drawing a suitable diagram, give a geometrical interpretation if the result.
  18. jnney


    If the points A and B represent the numbers z1 and z2 respectively on an argand diagram, and triangle OAB is equilateral, prove that z1^2 + z2^2 =z1z2
  19. jnney


    Solve z^4+16i=0
  20. jnney


    if z= 2cispi/2 and w=2cis2pi/3, what is the value of arg(z-w)?