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    estimate please? :)

    It is imperative for you to increase your Adv English and Biology ranking. With effort, consistency and diligence, I'm sure you can most likely attain 85. However, at this stage, 80-82 is more plausible. Work hard and your efforts shall bear fruition! Good luck :)
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    Repeat hsc?

    First and foremost, do YOU truly want to pursue Medicine? Are you actually PASSIONATE about the course? Remember, it's YOUR choice, not your parents choice. It's YOUR career, YOUR life! If you are truly driven to pursue Medicine, I'd recommend Advanced Science or Medical Science, obtaining an...
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    ATAR estimate. I have school and personal rank, assessment and estimated HSC marks

    Re: ATAR estimate. I have school and personal rank, assessment and estimated HSC mark 92-97
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    Need motivation

    As simple as that! Just a few more days to gooo! C'mon :) You CAN do this! Would you rather feel guilty after HSC has concluded regarding not trying your utter best, or pleased with your consistency and determination? Think about it. All the best
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    Good luck guys!

    I know right! Time really does fly :)
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    Good luck guys!

    Hey Guys, Good luck and the all best for tomorrow! I’m CERTAIN you guys can all perform incredibly well. You have all worked so hard, with consistency and the determination to excel. It shall all bear fruition in the end. Remember to maintain a calm, composed state of mind when tackling...
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    How to draw links between texts

    Synthesizing within essays a skill which requires time and patience to imbibe. Most often, students master it just before the HSC. Remember, your links are essentially an indicator of the extent to which you are ENGAGING, thus answering the question/stimulus. So, superficial links can be easily...
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    band 5's = what atar?

    85-90. Ensure that you are top 5 for English Advanced.
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    band 5's = what atar?

    Most likely high 70's to low 80's. Depending on how well your subject scales, you may cross the 85 mark.
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    UMAT thoughts and discussion

    Guys! Remember, there are ALWAYS alternative routes for attaining a position in Medicine. Sitting the UMAT for the first time is always the HARDEST. It's a completely new experience, thus you are anxious, nervous.
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    UMAT thoughts and discussion

    In all honesty, this year's exam was quite okay. In fact, better than last year. LOVED the new format.
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    Atar estimate please!!!

    Arduous to predict with striking precision. Def 90+ though. All the best.
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    Atar estimate please!!!

    Low to mid 70's. All the best :)
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    ATAR estimate

    Definitely 90+ 95 is plausible, albeit it is imperative to increase your English ranking. All the best! Focus.
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    Half yearly report - ATAR Estimate Please

    That's excellent! See, perseverance and motivation to succeed does bear fruition :) Well done! My advice would be for you to try your best to NOT rank =1. It can devastating effects, albeit this depends upon the strength of your cohort. Seeing as you have radically improved in English, I do not...
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    Atar estimate please :)

    I would highly advise you to do the Maths Ext 1 exam again, as you could potentially attain a band E4. My estimate would be 85-90.. Even 90-92 Work hard consistently and persevere - you shall attain your desired ATAR. :)
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    Half yearly report - ATAR Estimate Please

    Definitely 90+ Keep working at it! I'm sure, if you work with consistency, you will attain your desired ATAR.
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    Sex Toys as a birthday gift.

    WUT? Hahahhahah
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    How many hrs of study?

    For each hour of lecture/tutes, 4 hours of independent study.