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  1. Makematics

    2014 Fifa World Cup thread

    Thoughts an predictions on the draw? Needless to say, Australia is utterly fucked. What do u guys think are easiest and hardest groups?
  2. Makematics

    HSC Geography 2013 Predictions

    Hey guys, what are your predictions for the three essays for Geo this year? Mine are probably: Ecosystems - Biophysical interactions Urban Places - Urban dynamics (large city in a developed world) Economic Activity - Something to do with environmental constraints and ecological sustainability...
  3. Makematics

    HSC Exam Shenanigans

    Hey guys. Share the funny things that have happened during HSC exams. E.g. People leaving for fun, mobile phones going off, etc.
  4. Makematics

    A bit of help please!

    Hey guys, so these two questions have stumped me. It would be great if you could help me out :) 1. Find the co-ordinates of the foci of the ellipse whose equation is: 25(x-1)^2 + 16y^2=100 I tried doing it, but got something different to their answer, which is (1,3/2) and (1,-3/2) 2. AB...
  5. Makematics

    Exam timetables?

    is this for hsc or trials?
  6. Makematics

    Volumes Q

    so guys, this is an 8 mark volumes question 8 from a past trial from my school. my school often misallocates marks, but this was a shocker... anyways for some reason my answer is slightly different from the solution, and it is driving me nuts because i cant find any mistakes in my work or the...
  7. Makematics

    perms and combs Q

    Hi guys, here is a perms and combs question that i am stuck on... it would be great if you could help me out. Numbers less than 4000 are formed from the digits 1,3,5,8 and 9, without repetition. How many of them are divisible by 3? i get 56 as my answer, but the textbook says it is 50...
  8. Makematics

    HSC Advice

    Hey guys, so as I head into trials, there are few questions I would like to ask: 1. How do I write faster? After years of laziness, I seem to have lost the ability to write at a reasonable speed. In 40 minutes, I can probably write a maximum of 4 pages. For the geo trial, our teacher said he...
  9. Makematics

    Harder Projectile Motion Q

    Hey guys, so there is this question in cambridge 4U, and i just can't get it. It would be much appreciated if you could help me out :) ive looked at the solutions that are available online and they are shit and dont make any sense, so yeah... A particle is projected with speed V from the top of...
  10. Makematics

    Force diagrams

    So i was doing some cambridge mechanics and saw that it said "Dimension and forces should not be shown on the same diagram." (pg 220) this is referring to circular motion and conical pendulum btw. but is this true?!? will i get marked down for having the dimensions like the length of the string...
  11. Makematics

    Getting my students online account

    hey guys, thought this would be the best place to put this. so some time last term when the hsc timetable was released everyone got their students online accounts or BoS pins or something. i didnt get mine, so i saw my CA, and she changed the email i had there. i waited for a week and still no...
  12. Makematics


    I know this is random, but what is the largest number of pronumerals you have ever encountered in a maths question? this just crossed my mind while doing mechanics. i've seen a question with around 13 different pronumerals. i think they were: c (constant of integration), g (gravity), h...
  13. Makematics

    NBA Finals Game 7

    Hi guys what are your predictions for Game 7 of the NBA finals? Heat or Spurs? I'm predicting Spurs based on the fact that the heat's record in the last 13 games is W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L-W. I would also like a new champion, although i am not a spurs fan!
  14. Makematics

    UNSW Comp

    Is anyone else doing the UNSW maths comp on wednesday? sounds like it's gonna be fun :) http://www.maths.unsw.edu.au/highschool/school-mathematics-competition
  15. Makematics

    Uni Break

    Hey guys, next year I was thinking of flying out to brazil to watch the world cup, and I was wondering if there was any sort of break from uni in the june-july period in which i could go to brazil?
  16. Makematics

    Difficult question?

    This is from last year's UNSW maths comp paper, and i'm really keen to get solution for it. Find an example of an inverse function f(x) such that its derivative is the same as its inverse.
  17. Makematics

    HSC 2013 Timetable Released

    Hey guys, so the Board of Studies publicly released the official HSC Timetable today. If you're having problems accessing Students Online like myself, here is the link to the timetable. Enjoy :) http://studentsonline.bos.nsw.edu.au/go/myhsc/hsc_exams/2013_HSC_written_examination_timetable/
  18. Makematics


    Hi guys, I need help with an induction. Use mathematical induction to prove that for all integers n≥1, √1 + √2 + √3 + ... + √n ≤ [(4n+3)√n] / 6 So far I have done the easy bit... Step 1: Prove true for n=1 LHS=1 RHS= 7/6 LHS≤RHS Hence it is true for n=1. Step 2: Assume true for n=k i.e...
  19. Makematics


    Not sure if this should be in the extension 1 or extension 2 forum, but here goes. Sometimes questions in both extension 1 and extension 2 exams will ask you to prove some sort of inequality, sum, or something else. I have two questions regarding this. 1. If the preferred solution by the...