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  1. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    P2P/torrent that work with a proxy

    are there any p2p or torrent programs that work through a proxy? i'm behind my universitys proxy and it doesn't let me get these programs connected. limewire has the settings but when i eneter them it still wont connect, it there a way to get around it or a program that works or one that gets...
  2. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    are we just the result of mutations?

    i had a difficult choice of where to put this thread so here is fine for now.. question, just gunna throw it out there, if you dont like it, just through it right back.... i wanna be on you.... anyway ok look at evolution and darwins theory of natural selection. essentially from...
  3. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    family guy movie leaked 2 months ahead of release!

    if you know where to look you will find it worth watching not as funny as u'd expect the movie to be imo, considering the series is halarious but still good times enjoy :)
  4. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    what the fcuk is this song called!!!!

    ok please help if you can i've been doing my own head in i havn't got much info so i am probably wasting my time but anyway all i remember is the music video it has a chick in a bathtub as she is commiting suicide (no not britney) another figure (cant remember if male or female) is...
  5. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    happy tree friends and friends

    anyone seen this halarious fucking show....very twisted and sik but funny..and so cute :) check it out... so good i bought the dvd.. WATCH IT!!! [ps. i dont know when it is on, only that its on sbs..like a bit ago] <-- arnt i concise :) anyway watch it :) and tell me if u hav...
  6. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~


    hey guys i hav absolutely no idea how many of you BOS'rs actually go to raves but i'm bored, its early morning.. so i thought i'd start this thread did anyone go to godspeed? thought it was pretty fucking good...as hav all the ones i've been too..i think theres a common formula...hmm is...
  7. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    firewalls and proxys

    ok i'm at csu right now and to access the net or anything online other than the LAN we hav to use a proxy server now how do i set up programs like kazza and mirc to get past the proxy its really fucking annoying not being able to.. seeing as though its a 10mpbs connection and i could be...
  8. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    long time no see people :)

    heya bio 04'er hows it all going long time no speak i know sorry bout me not being around as much as i usually do but uni does take alot out of me... fuck more demanding than i expected... but HD's coming in thick and fast so i thought i'd relax and just take some time off...so i'm here to...
  9. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    boarding at bathurst?

    hey just wondering who else is applying to board at bathurst and at what accomodation i'm applying for JOV and cottages single self catered should be fun and i'm doing option 2 so i can leave my things there hows about everyone else going here..and for what course? i'm doing B...
  10. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    woe is me

    hey everyone, currently i am sitting in boiling hot weather in fiji and its 1am!! crazy ay i'll be here for the next week and a half reason: my nan passed away and i wanted to be at her funeral my mum told me bos called so i called em on my mobile and i got a response they told me i...
  11. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Biology HSC Marks '03

    hey everyone in light if the hsc marks being revealed post up what u got in ur hsc and uai i'm still trying to log on...waiting..waiting...waiting anywyas congrats everyone for a job well done post away :)
  12. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Studies of Religion HSC Marks

    hey everyone in light if the hsc marks being revealed post up what u got in ur hsc and uai i'm still trying to log on...waiting..waiting...waiting post away :)
  13. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Advanced English 2003 HSC Marks

    hey everyone in light if the hsc marks being revealed post up what u got in ur hsc and uai i'm still trying to log on...waiting..waiting...waiting post away :)
  14. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~


    anyone do this course or know of anyone doing this course at CSU Bathurst? my main question is, how easy is it to transfer to either USYD or UNSW from CSU after one year and what criteria is neccessary to do so? if anyone could help i'd be appreciated its kinda my 'fallback' course if id ont...
  15. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    List of Experiments

    Core Topics - Investigating Blood Cells - Changing pH - Conducting Tissues: Xylem and Phloem - Disection of a Kidney - Structures in Plants that Assist in Water Conservation - A Model of Natural Selection - Modelling Meiosis - Effects of the Environment on Phenotype - Indentifying...
  16. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Useful Biology Resources

    the brainchild of babydoll for '03ers, this is a new thread on useful links and books for the biology course and options for you add more as you feel necessary and i'll add them to this list here are the original ones and i have a huge list to add once i have some time (hopefully b4 christmas)...
  17. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    bS in Biomedical Forensics/ bS(Hons) App Chemistry in Forensic Science @ UTS

    hey hows it going i was just wondering does anyone on these forums do these courses or know of anyone doing these courses if so what do u think of them and are they interesting i never actually went to the open days cause i had other priorities im asking now becuase i'm currently shifting...
  18. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Welcome Class of '04

    hey everyone hows it going just wanted to say howdy to all you who will be going through a year of blood, a year of sweat, and a year of no doubt tears, and throw periods of aggrivated stress in there somewhere aswell either way its gonna be a rollercoaster of fun..trust me :p i'm your...
  19. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Multiple Choice

    howd u go how many do u think you got right any that were tricky post your answers below goodluck
  20. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Section I - 1 & 2 Unit

    what did ya think of the exam, how were the questions anything you didn't like anything u loved? find it easy, find it hard?