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  1. WTF!bbq

    transferring courses and all that HALP

    Arrrr so lets say I kinda ran into a couple of walls this semester and maybe have discovered that my current course is likely to drive me insane if I keep at it. If I reapply mid-semester to, say, B Arts, through UAC, will the subjects I've wanked up count in my GPA or do I get to be shifty and...
  2. WTF!bbq

    The Buyer's Remorse Thread

    I think the fashion forum needs to have a place to vent about this kind of thing :) Right now I'm kicking myself over a black shirtdress of a cruddy fabric whose buttons keep falling off, a useless belt (the cinched-in high-waist thing makes me look retarculous), and a pair of jeans I've had for...
  3. WTF!bbq

    Good pubs/bars for 18th?

    Didn't know where to stick this >_> But yeah, looking for a good pub or bar that does cool functions, somewhere either in the City or southern suburbs - was looking at the Harp in tempe, i <3 irish pubs, any suggestions? Basically want something with good music and good beers on tap. Thx in...
  4. WTF!bbq

    B Economic & Social Sciences

    So I'm totally in love with the idea of this course. I wanted to hear from people who have taken/are undertaking it, in particular majoring in Government & International Relations or Political Economy. How much time do you spend at uni every week? What are you hoping to do in the future? Do you...
  5. WTF!bbq

    Last Line of your Major Work?

    Inspired by the "First Three Words" thread, and created for those of us who like to jump to the last page of a book to see the last word because we're artards. <3
  6. WTF!bbq

    Convincing character voices?

    Like the oddling that I am, I decided to do a stupid thing and have like 4 narrators in my story (2 major, 2 minor). Some people who've read my work have said it works well, others say my characters don't have separate voices. I'm scared to make different mannerisms, slang, tone and stuff like...
  7. WTF!bbq

    Question about word counts

    Mainly because I'm scared about going over and I'm hauling hiney to get this stuff in to my teacher - do they count words like "a", "and", "the" etc. in the word limit? My log is a bit over, which is my main concern. Spanks in advance :D
  8. WTF!bbq

    2007 Short Story Titles

    :D stole the idea from the thread in the poetry forum I'll go first - Pinecones and Apple Orchards. Ah, yeah, sounds silly - it's so going to change heehee
  9. WTF!bbq

    School Magazine (more like yearbook)

    Note: I don't know if this is in the right place, mods plaz move it if its not!! :D Pre-question whinge: My school is so retarculous! We (the mag committee) have to write a bunch of articles by the end of term, and we've not been given any clue as to what to write about. Except that people...
  10. WTF!bbq

    Boots at a formal event?

    More semi-formal, really - judging by the venue - and it's an 18th. Just for reference, some dudes will be wearing suits and others won't. So, paired with a black strapless 60's-ish dress (mid-calf length) and black opaque stockings, would knee-high stiletto boots look retarculous? I'm going...
  11. WTF!bbq

    For those from Western Sydney burbs

    Just to refresh my memory, for EE2. I used to live in Fairfield but it's been a long while since I've gone back and gotten the feel of the place, also, I lived in the same house for about 13 years so I'm running low on variety. Thanks in advance! :D A few things: The suburb you live in Best /...
  12. WTF!bbq

    Unenthusiastic Teacher?

    It's like, he finds it such a chore to read our work. We'll give it to him, say, Thursday or Friday, and he doesn't even look at it till our Wednesday lesson the next week. And then he gets all crapped off if we're not 110% enthusiastic to show him every little bit of our work. His feedback so...
  13. WTF!bbq

    Does anyone remember the name of this book?

    Cause I sure don't. I read it back in year 8, I believe, and it was pretty much a generic teenage-girl-and-her-struggles-with-sex-and-family-and-stuff, as far as I can recall. Except, when she talked about sex, the author hadn't written the word in, she'd put a little sign in that I *think*...
  14. WTF!bbq

    Awesome Female Characters in Literature

    Ok, partly for inspiration for EE2 but mainly out of my own strange interests, have any of you read books with a particular female character who was stunningly well-written and absolutely fall-in-love-with-able? (Not cutesy lovable, more "IT'S ALIVE" lovable cause she seems like a real human...
  15. WTF!bbq

    Panic Zone

    Argh! I need comforting!! At this stage I should have completed a *lot* more interviews than I actually have. (As in, 24 instead of 7). The rest of it's going alright though. So, to further distract me from my work :D what's everyone else up to with primary research? How are you generally...
  16. WTF!bbq

    Time management

    Even though the teachers have given us something of a guide to due dates, how many of you have set up a specific timeline for EE2? In my case it's a short story (although this is relevant to everyone), and I've set myself the target of my first draft of 8000 words by April 1 so I can give a copy...
  17. WTF!bbq

    Road Trip

    So I'm thinking a road trip with a couple of close mates instead of the traditional Gold Coast drinking-and-partying scene. I'm thinking Sydney>Melbourne and back, or Sydney>Melbourne>Adelaide. Any suggestions, good destinations or road trip stories to share?
  18. WTF!bbq

    Tips for a job noob?

    Question tiiiime! Advice plaz :( cause I'm not very good at this kinda stuff. Mum reckons I should get a job, just a couple of hours a week so I can stop spending all her money on silly things and spend my own instead. So, two things: The three places I want to work (Big W, Target and *sigh*...
  19. WTF!bbq

    Research + Contacts

    Ahoy. A few weeks before my awesomely cool English teacher left at the end of 2006 (:() he mentioned that EE2 research would involve a fair bit of one-on-one communication with professionals in the field of whatever medium we've chosen. I, personally, am writing a short story, but I figured I'd...
  20. WTF!bbq

    RPG as Imaginative Journey?

    Yeay its assignment time! As I always leave stuff to the last minute I'm just jumping on here real quick - I have to do one of those generic supplementary material portfolio type things, and out of the 6 things we pick, they each have to be a diff text type. I've started to run out of ideas...