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    Autonomous Cars Engineering Report (Telecommunications)

    I'm currently having trouble thinking of a way to start my abstract for my engineering report which is focused on Autonomous Cars (Telecommunications). If you could suggest a starting sentence then I can build off of that, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Which perspective should I apply in my Engg. Report Conclusion?

    Do i speak in 1st person or 3rd person in my conclusion?
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    Engineering Report Question

    So I've seen many sources saying that for the introduction of an engineering report it should just be a short intro about the purpose of the report, background information about the items involved, brief detail about the method involved and results that were gained and so on. I'm doing my...
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    Help With Some Truss Bridge Question

    Would someone be able to explain the function of a bridge and describe what a truss bridge is. (using engineering terms).
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    Physics Assignment: Design A Space Station

    I just need some help on these questions so I can talk about them in a brochure. 1. How does drag affect space flight? 2. How would I use thrusters to keep the space station in a steady orbital alt. ?
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    Need Help On Physics Projectile Motion H/W!

    Can someone answer the questions from 6) onwards. No explanation for the questions needed. THANK YOU!!!
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    Oxidation and Reduction (Chem)

    Can someone please explain everything about oxidation and reduction? (just a brief summary about it to wrap my head around it)
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    Bonding in Chemistry

    Could someone please give me a brief summary of elements bonding. :)
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    Molarity and Concentration

    What is the formula/s in this topic and what are they used to find? (I've got a test next week and I wanted to revise on all the formulas. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!) :)
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    Need Help On An Engineering Report on Stethoscopes.

    So I'm in year 11, doing engineering studies, and I've just been assigned to make an engineering report a piece of equipment created by a biomedical engineer. I've chosen a stethoscope. I need help with the summary and introduction for my report.