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  1. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Should marijuana be legalised?

    imo it shouldnt be decriminlised but there should be allowances made in so far as a person can keep on themselves a certain quanitity for personal use.. anything over this amount would be commercial.. still illegal and wont stop the problem completely but will lessen the 'blackmarketness' off...
  2. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    P2P/torrent that work with a proxy

    are there any p2p or torrent programs that work through a proxy? i'm behind my universitys proxy and it doesn't let me get these programs connected. limewire has the settings but when i eneter them it still wont connect, it there a way to get around it or a program that works or one that gets...
  3. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    are we just the result of mutations?

    i had a difficult choice of where to put this thread so here is fine for now.. question, just gunna throw it out there, if you dont like it, just through it right back.... i wanna be on you.... anyway ok look at evolution and darwins theory of natural selection. essentially from...
  4. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Bollywood Films

    hah i remember black..how 'miracle worker is it' but good to see rani is so hot without makeup, heard that the younger version, the girl at the beginning is actually shah rukhs daughter..good job i rekon also anyone seen shuk reah(sp?) translation - thankyou its meet joe black basically but...
  5. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    family guy movie leaked 2 months ahead of release!

    if you know where to look you will find it worth watching not as funny as u'd expect the movie to be imo, considering the series is halarious but still good times enjoy :)
  6. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    BIGW night fill

    not true, big w nightfill can go to 4 in the morning or even later, it all depends on what time of the yr and the promotions on. pay is reasonable. 19yrs $14.88 20yrs think up to $17 or something big jump goodluck... frankly nightfill is shit.. i'd go for depeartment assistant or...
  7. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    what the fcuk is this song called!!!!

    ITS 'VAST - TOUCHED'!!!! answered my own question... as soon as i posted i remember memory is a strange contraption anyway good song
  8. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    what the fcuk is this song called!!!!

    ok please help if you can i've been doing my own head in i havn't got much info so i am probably wasting my time but anyway all i remember is the music video it has a chick in a bathtub as she is commiting suicide (no not britney) another figure (cant remember if male or female) is...
  9. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Bollywood Films

    kabhi kushi kubhi gum - my fav bollywood movie... not that i've seen that many kal ho na ho - emotional shit if u can get into the plot.... yes this has one as does the above
  10. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    life at bathurst

    as long as it doesn't rai ni'll be there should be a good excuse to get drunk again... :)
  11. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    bathurst o week

    the tuesday bar night is the run by the footy club, not sure of the theme thursday bar night i think is a beach theme, but this is just what i remember from last yr..i've been overseas so i havn't really cuaght up on any of the o week goss..i'l let yas know if i find some concrete stuff
  12. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    What will you be drinking at O- week?

    anything and everything :)
  13. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~


    first yr should be a breeze if you do the work 1st semester was easy for me 2nd semester was a bit more challenging but i bludged so it was self inflicted the electives i'm doing are in the justice and criminology fields i've done criminology, the psychology of crime, and justice studies as...
  14. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Student List!

    Bpsych bathurst 2nd yr off campus :(
  15. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~


    heya yeh i'm 2nd yr psych love it :) p.s its tele - pathetic i hav no idea this post was here...cept the email i got..hmm.. meh
  16. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Raves? is that like godspeed and utopia?

    futuredome is this saturday then the next big thing will be transmission red alert anthems which will be HUGE on the 12th of feb... both worth going to... then the really big one TWO TRIBES march 5th i think.. meh so many good raves...so little time and money
  17. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Favourite Sitcoms/Comedy Programs

    1. will n grace & family guy 2. scrubs cant seperate the 1st 2 :)
  18. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    happy tree friends and friends

    anyone seen this halarious fucking show....very twisted and sik but funny..and so cute :) check it out... so good i bought the dvd.. WATCH IT!!! [ps. i dont know when it is on, only that its on sbs..like a bit ago] <-- arnt i concise :) anyway watch it :) and tell me if u hav...
  19. ~TeLEpAtHeTiC~

    Saw (warning: SPOILERS!)

    loved the movie, very tiwsted didn't much care for whoever played lawrence... his acting was a bid average...but i like the movie... nice plot :)