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  1. HKHSCstudent

    Important tips regarding the P test

    Hey guys Before learning from an instructor, make sure their driving school pass rate is 90-100% , otherwise they will make you fail. Check this from http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/driving_school_pass_rates.pdf Also, check out this piece of news. Choose the test route...
  2. HKHSCstudent

    B Psychology arts/ B Psychology Science

    I am interested in studying BPsychology in MQ, what is the difference between B Arts Psychology / B Science Psychology?
  3. HKHSCstudent

    Bachelor of Psychology at Coff Harbours

    Hi , i'm doing HSc and I would like to do BPsychology at Coff Harbours, I wonder how it is like around Coff Habour and how 's the teaching quality , resources and eveything about the course and the uni. Thanks
  4. HKHSCstudent

    B Psycology Science / B Science (Conservation and Biodiversity)/ B Chropractic Scien

    Hi everyone. i'm in year 12 now. I have a estimate UAI of 71-76. I'm doing Bio, chem and maths 2uni, eng advance. I thinking of doing B Psychology (Science ) B Science (Conservation and Biodiversity ) B Chropractic Science next year in MQ. For my own interest , I tend...
  5. HKHSCstudent

    Concentration question 2007 past paper HELP PLEASE # 27

    2007 past paper #27(a) If the volume of the water sample being tested is 50mL and the mass of the dired ppt obtained is 3.65 g, calculate the chlorine ion concentration in the water sample in ppm. Is this right? 3.65g/50.0 mL=3.65g/(0.05L)=73g/L 73g/L X1000= 73000mg/L=73000ppm...
  6. HKHSCstudent

    More help for Differentiation , questions with diagrams:>

    :) :) :) :wave: :rofl: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: Please help me, sorry the diagrams are a bit out of shape, hard to draw in the computer 1.The diagram shows the graph of a ctertain function y =f(x). The graph has a...
  7. HKHSCstudent

    Differentiation :Help please! :>

    Please help me , I got stuck in the following questions! 1. 16 Koala bears were released from capavity into a wildlife park. The population P of koalas in the park t years later is given by P=-t^3+6t^2+16,for 0<t<5 *^=power a) after how many years was the popualtion a maximum...
  8. HKHSCstudent

    Empire of the Sun by JG Ballard

    Anyone doing Empire of the Sun by JG Ballard?Need some study notes for it, please. Thanks!
  9. HKHSCstudent

    anyone doing chinese background?

    anyone doing chinese background ? What are you guy currently learning??It seems that my class is falling behind because our chinese teacher is completely useless!! she made nearly the whole class fail in the last semester! It is not chinese she is teaching but IT , she counts chinese marks on...
  10. HKHSCstudent

    when is your preliminary exam?

    Hey! everyone! When's your exam ? Mine is coming up in the 2nd week of September... Oh! Still 5 weeks to go! I hate exams !!! How's everyone going on their studies and revision ? Hope everyone will achieve their very best!!Good Luck! Any exam thoughts?:bomb:
  11. HKHSCstudent

    How do you deal with school pressure?

    There's a lot of pressure in year 11 , exam pressure, assignment pressure , peer pressure, parents pressure...............Everyone has their own way of dealing with pressure . For me , I like to play sports, watch TV , hang out around shopping centres to release it... How do everyone release...
  12. HKHSCstudent

    What's your favourite sport?

    Just wondering which sport is the most popular in Australia among students?For me I like swimming and running. :) To me , running is the best sport in the world because it gives you new challenge , confidence , fitness , a ultimate goal and being competitive. To be a good runner, hard training...
  13. HKHSCstudent

    Who's doing a second language HSC course (merged)

    I'm interested to find out how many people are doing a second langage HSC / Preliminary course besides English? :) Feel free to talk about the language you are learning. In my school, there's French and Chinese besides English.