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    Screenshots from games

    Unreal Goodness
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    Is it fully compatible with the latest microsoft excel? (sorry if it is a stupid question - I dont even know much about iphone let alone an ipad). I have a bunch of excel spreadsheets that I use often for neuro assessments, but the formulaes are pretty complicated - it has to be at least...
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    returned a book; Library says i didn't

    That has happened once to me too. Except I found my book on one of those red shelves (the shelves where lazy-arses put books once they have read them - instead of the proper place). Worth checking there if all else fails.
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    What games/consoles/accessories do you own?

    I have heaps of consoles, but the ones I still have plugged in and still use are: wii, xbox360, ps3 and ps2 (likely to be retired after I complete shadow of the collossus, 24 and star ocean). I also have a DS. The 360 is probably my most played console though the PS3 is catching up. The Wii...
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    Worst games everyone bought

    I usually have a good idea about a game before I buy it from reviews and other research, so I rarely buy games I end up hating, but I remember buying a Turok game for the PS2, which was pretty crappy. I sold it off quickly.
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    The UFO in sydney

    This is indisputable evidence of an alien aircraft. And you also managed to take a photo of what is clearly a ghost on the lower-right, and the upper body of a baby zombie crawling out of the ground on the lower-left. sif there are better explanations for this...
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    Old library building?

    I heard that the old library will be turned into the sleeping quarters for the robot librarians. Or something of that nature.
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    Final Fantasy XIII

    I have FXIII sitting at home, I made a deal with myself that I had to do a certain amount of uni work before I can start playing it (and it is killing me looking at the box). I was lucky enough to win a ticket to the 360's pre-release (though I naturally got a PS3 copy), and play it for a bit...
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    UNI GYM~ your thoughts

    I've been meaning to find out the price for Gym (thinking of joining). 45$ per month is pretty cool.
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    I agree - it is certainly worthwhile. Good experience.
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    The wiggles at Macquarie!

    Groovy :) Newsroom - Macquarie University I never knew they use to study at Macquarie. (They should have got them to do a gig at conception day :p)
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    The hardest Game You Have Played So Far

    off the top of my head, probably ninja gaiden on xbox (and this is on NORMAL mode!)
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    District 9

    for some reason it reminds me of half life 2. Except, rather than Freeman escaping from a quarantine set up by aliens, the aliens are escaping from a quarantine set up by humans. Just saw the trailer though, so I only know what I saw from the trailer.
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    What are seminars?

    Re: What are seminar's? Seminars can be like a mix of a lecture and tutorial like you said. For some units, however (e.g., PSY104 and PSY105), the 'seminar' is the same as the tutorial, but it is designated for evening students (who must listen to the lectures online). What units are you...
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    100lv subject to do sem 2, 2009

    If you did the easier maths units maybe, however, I think you not allowed do easy maths units if you did well in maths in HSC (just from memory). first year PHIL units are quite straight forward if you put decent work in it, but PHIL units aren't for everyone.
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    Games not running on Vista

    I formatted it last night, and the problem still persists. I tried it then, but it still isn't detecting anything. No worries. I called the warranty guys and they will call me regarding fixing it. The Cd/dvd drive does sound a bit sickly at times, so i think it is a hardware thing. thank...
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    Games not running on Vista

    I have windows home premium.
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    Games not running on Vista

    Thing is, the dvd/cd drive detects half life 2 (orange box) and ONLY this. Only thing I can think of is that Hl2 is 'dvd only'? but dvd movies dont work. eek. how do I find out? It came with the laptop (sony vaio). Sorry, I suck epically at this stuff.
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    Games not running on Vista

    Hi Everyone, just wondering if someone could help me with an issue. I have a laptop with vista. For some reason it sometimes doesn't detect the cd/dvd of some games and other software at all when I place it in the dvd drive. In the past I was able to fix the problem with the addition of a patch...
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    Re: Recent trend of racist thoughts

    I don't get it? Is that someone's neg rep?