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    Islamic Awarness Week @USYD

    ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK 2004 @USYD 23rd-27th August MONDAY [10AM]: Opening Breakfast [VENUE]: Fisher Stack Lawns [1-2PM]: Special Video Screening “Where on Earth are you from?” [BY]: 1ISLAM Productions. The Islamic perspective on Nationalism. [VENUE]: Old Geology Lecture...
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    Yvonne Ridley

    Sydney University Muslim Students Association Presents Yvonne Ridley: Media Lies and Manipulation: Iraq and Afghanistan Wars 16th March 1-2pm Carslaw Lecture Theatre 159 Q&A will proceeed the lecture from 2-3pm Carslaw Lecture Theatre 375 All Welcome...
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    First Yr Commerce Textbooks for Sale..

    FIRST YR BOOKS FOR SALE ACCT 1001 (ACCOUNTING 1A) Accounting: Building Business Skills Kimmel Et al. $80 (RRP $117.95) ECMT 1010 (BUSINESS & ECO. STAT. 1A) Basic Business Statistics Bereson Et al. $75 (RRP $97.90) Excellent Condition! NOTE: Both Books are the set...
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    Islamic Awareness Week

    Sydney University Muslim Students Association ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK AUGUST 2003 (25th-29th) - Free literature on Islam ranging from basic beliefs and concepts through to specific topics of interest. - One main talk/lecture each day of the week: Tuesday: [What does it mean to...
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    LAW - case assignment

    Howd ppl do with the case assignment?? I found it more straightforward then the court assignment but i guess it depends on how its marked.
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    Summer is tennis???

    Okay, I think all the cricket loving folk out there need to speak out. I am truly offended at channel sevens claims that , and i quote, "SUMMER IS TENNIS". Like giveme a break. Where in Australia here, helllllloooo. I understand that its part of thier tennis coverage and stuff but this is...
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    BUSINESS related courses

    Anyone here thinking of doing business related courses. What course do uz think would be suitable for business management...like to be a CEO latterrr on. B Business Administration is an obvious one...anything else??
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    Industrial : K (EQ. constant)

    Wat did uz get for K....i think i got the answer wrong...but shoul get 2-3 marks for the working, formula etc.
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    TOOO much time!

    I reckon the sciences shouldnt be for 3 hrs...maybe the BOS should consider taking off 30 mins. Watta uz think???
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    Assess the current development in the use of biopolymers. This may well be a 6-7 mark question since there were no quetsion relating to it last yr. Heres my response: Natural biopolymers such as starch and cellulose have a wide range of potential applications in markets currently dominated...
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    HSC Marks

    The highest HSC aligned mark was 97 in 2001 right?....wat actual mark do uz think this would have been. Any idea? And it should be a lil higher this yr, i should think but i was just wondering wat everyone is aimng for as in raw marks. :cool:
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    Chem Trial

    Who here willing be sitting the CSSA (Catholic Secondary Schools Association) Trial? I think its that (on the 13th) or then NEAP or Independent Schoold trials unless ur school makes there own trial. :cool: ;)
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    Ext 2 Maths

    Hey PPL! Just wondering if everyone'z finshed the course (syallabus)??. We just finshed end of term two. And howz everyone finding it?? :D