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  1. EdwardHeartsU

    Usyd: Applying for credit and/or recognition for prior learning (rpl)

    Haven't been here in a while. So anyways, I've lodged a transfer request to B/Arts and Commerce. Are you allowed to apply for prior learning with units of study completed at USYD? Or do they assume that as part of the degree (part of the arts degree, or however it works)?
  2. EdwardHeartsU

    Easy science subjects?

    Been a while since I went on this site. Anyhow, as part of my degree (unfortunately) I need to complete science subjects, which I am not particularly fond of due to failing a science unit in semester 1 (Science in uni isn't what I thought it would be, less theory, more calculation/math based. I...
  3. EdwardHeartsU

    P Plate Legal WRX?

    As far as I know, certain WRX models are allowed under the new laws, for those who own one on their Ps, have you ever been pulled over? Contemplating on buying one since new laws means my Mercedes exceeds the Power-weight Ratio and cannot be legally driven.
  4. EdwardHeartsU

    ATAR Estimate?

    School: Fort Street High School (2013: Rank 18th) English: 93/168 Physics: 66/71 Maths 2u: 90/112 Legal studies: 25/31 Chemistry: 88/103 Above are trial ranks, not sure if they're accurate.
  5. EdwardHeartsU

    Why is my ex-girlfriend guilt tripping me?

    I really don't get it. Especially the fact that her timing is very...well chosen. Break up 1 hour before my first HSC maths exam (and the entire exam block) and choose to stir up shit and try and start a fight right in the middle of my trial exam block. Mind you, I don't make an effort to...
  6. EdwardHeartsU

    Media Articles for World Order?

    Title says it all, struggling to find articles that relate to world order, which do not stem from the Libyan conflict.
  7. EdwardHeartsU

    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

  8. EdwardHeartsU

    AFP Closing recruitment?

    I've read the budget 2014 report, the articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, and I've become quick shocked that the AFP has discontinued seeking applicants after the 2013-14 financial year. As I have aspired to become part of them, ever since year 10 (2012) and planned a career path from thereon...
  9. EdwardHeartsU

    ATAR estimate please? got my school report yesterday

    Although I attend a selective high school, it may/may not make a difference but nevertheless, I have my actual ranks, instead of estimates. School: Fort Street High School School rank: ~10-20 English: 93/167 Maths: 114/118 Physics: 76/77 (I was genuinely surprised I wasn't last) Chemistry...
  10. EdwardHeartsU

    ATAR Estimate for this would-be dropkick?

    Title says it all, please help. I go to a selective school (doubt it makes a difference), FSHS. As of my ranks that I determined from my marks, I would like an estimate, and a guideline of how much I should work to get above 90 ATAR (seemingly impossible for me) English Advanced: 123/167...
  11. EdwardHeartsU

    Kenneth Slessor's poems

    What do we learn of slessor’s view of time and the personal limitations on our lives in Sleep and Beach Burial? Do you agree with Slessor’s views? Why or why not? How should I structure my essay? This is a class task and the word limit is 500 words. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. EdwardHeartsU

    Pizza fries

    Has anyone ever tried making it? and how does it taste?
  13. EdwardHeartsU

    Combat Arms?

    Anyone still play that?
  14. EdwardHeartsU

    Getting over your first love

    Title says it all. How do people manage to get over their first love/heartbreak? Its been 5 years but a suppressed memory lead to a wave of sadness which overwhelmed me.
  15. EdwardHeartsU

    Series and Sequences, Applications crash course?

    Okay basically I have an exam soon and I've been too busy/not allocated enough time to study maths for my other subjects. It would be appreciated if someone could give me a basic outline, highlights and important parts for series and sequences with examples?
  16. EdwardHeartsU

    Guaranteed Band 5 or lower in 2 Unit Maths?

    Basically due to severe relationship and emotional issues, I ended up completely failing my first HSC maths exam. I got 38%, which is considered atrociously shameful as I attend a selective school. As I prepare for my half yearlies, I sought advice from people doing Extension 1 and 2 who advised...
  17. EdwardHeartsU

    Assess the effectiveness of fiscal policy in the Australian economy

    What does the verb 'Assess' mean? Its bad of me as a student as I've never studied before in my life but this is worth 15% of my economics HSC mark and I'm beginning to worry. Basically, I have notes and dot points for the advantages, disadvantages and outcomes of fiscal policy implementation...
  18. EdwardHeartsU

    Anyone play Midnight Maximum Tune?

    As per the title. I've only started playing Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ around December 2013, when the school holidays kicked in. Not sure how I began but I just did when I went into an arcade with a few friends. Slowly but surely, I've made my way up, learning tricks of the trade, maxing out a...
  19. EdwardHeartsU

    How to control your dreams?

    Every night I try to plan out my dreams. When I'm awake, I always think about things I could have done to escape an inextricable nightmare. However, when I do dream, I have no control over it. I've been having nightmares on and off for my entire childhood, and never realise what is considered a...
  20. EdwardHeartsU

    Locus and Parabola

    Does anyone have a formula sheet for this topic? Also How would you go about setting the working out for these types of questions? I did not pay attention in class and need to know this. That is, what the directrix is, the focus, how do you find it, how do you convert a word question or...