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    Management transformation?

    Does anyone know of a business whose management has transformed from traditional/bureaucratic management to contemporary management?
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    finding the length of a semicircle??

    Hello, i am doing some diy and need to figure out how long the pvc pipe should be if I want the height of the semicircle to be 75 if the diameter is 90 cm. From the image, I want to find the length of the red
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    liquidity preference model?

    Could someone please explain the theory of liquidity preference/liquidity preference model? I have searched it up and still don't understand it completely
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    Bernoulli vs Binomial

    Suppose there are 100 students, and each of them tosses a coin 10 times, making 1000 tosses. Consider the random variable Y where Y is Bernoulli with ‘success’ being the outcome the coin is on its edge so that p=1/600. Assume the 1000 tosses are independent Bernoulli trials for Y. What is the...
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    Accounting help

    Could someone please explain what it means by: - assuming it was recorded as a liability/revenue when received - assuming it was recorded as an asset/expense when paid. - the company recorded it as a liability/revenue/expense/asset This is in relation to journal entries and adjusting journal...
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    Business Textbook please

    Does anyone know where i can get copies of Gans, Joshua, Stephen King, Martin Byford and N Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Microeconomics, 8th Asia-Pacif edition, 2021, Cengage Learning, Australia Robin Stonecash, Gans, Joshua, Stephen King, Martin Byford, Kris Ivanovski and N Gregory Mankiw...
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    What is it like?

    What is it like studying business/commerce at uni? Is there any special software/apps you guys use, or is it mostly just using Google? I plan on majoring in accounting and then either finance/marketing. I need to get a laptop for uni, so I guess is there anything that my laptop must have/be...
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    Enrolling in subjects help plz

    I am enrolling into my courses and need some help (bachelor of business). I selected the Accounting major and when i select availability it shows for 2021, but when i go on the Course programs for the accounting major, all the subjects are shown to be done in the second year and not first. How...
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    I plan on studying commerce, so what are some good laptops?
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    Bachelor of Commerce vs Bachelor of Business?

    Could someone please explain the difference between the two?
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    Bachelor of commerce -> UTS/MQ

    Hi guys, i have received my ATAR and got 86.75 with band 5s in all my subjects (math, std eng, bus std, modern history, bio) and was wondering if i should go for a bachelor of business at UTS or bachelor of commerce at MQ? ps I've always wanted to go to either USYD/UNSW, so i will try to...
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    Double Degree vs Single Degree

    I plan to get into the business industry but am not sure if i should just do a bachelor of commerce or if i should do a double degree, and even if i do do a double degree i wouldn't even know what my other degree would be. Could you guys help me out on which one i should do?
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    Bachelor of Commcer VS construction project management

    Can anyone with experience in any of these give me some insight into how it is. Because idk which career i want to pursue.
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    Transferring from WSU bachelor of business and science

    How do i know what units to take if i want to transfer from bachelor of business and science (WSU) to bachelor of commerce and science at (MQ/USYD/UTS). Or the same for just bachelor of business (WSU) to bachelor of commerce (MQ/USYD/UTS)
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    B science

    Can anyone tell me how its like. how difficult it is, etc. because I'm interested in doing B comm and sci but I'm not too sure about the science since I'm an average student in biology.
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    Essay Feedback Please

    Could i get some feedback on my essay and what you think i would get out of 20. I wrote this while doing the 2016 paper in timed conditions and just typed up my response. Thankyou in advance
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    Occupational Therapy

    I was wondering if it is possible to do occupational therapy by doing a commerce degree and then maybe later on doing a masters in Occupational therapy, or would i have to do a science type bachelor degree? I'm asking this because i enjoy business and commerce and want to do something in...
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    Could you guys please give me a list of some biotechnologies. preferably some for past, present and future
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    IndoChina Essay Help

    Political, social, economic and military developments within North and South Vietnam How would you write an essay for this DP: I am a bit unsure since we should only have 3 body paragraphs
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    4.5 over 7 GPA??

    How hard is it to have a 4.5 over 7 GPA? I was interested in doing a masters of physio (2020 HSC grad) after doing a Bachelor and would need to have 4.5 over 7 gpa, and was just wondering if it's hard to maintain this (I'm an average student)