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  1. bex

    girls chasing guys?

    Hey what do you guys think of girls chasing the guys, instead of the other way around? Theres a guy that ive had a massive crush on for about 2 years and we hooked up on saturday... its now wednesday, i still havent heard from him... do you think it would be ok for me to message him? I...
  2. bex

    NYE Fat Boy Slim @ Bondi Beach

    BEST NEW YEARS EVE EVER!!! I cant believe how fast it went! i loved every minute of it and cant wait to buy the dvd so i can relive it! haha
  3. bex

    american dad

    I dont know if you guys have ever seen this show, its from the creaters of family guy and is on eof the funiiest shows i have ever seen! its a cartoon- but basically the story surrounds an american family of whom the father is a CIA agent.. it will be airing back to back over Channel 9s...
  4. bex

    sunburn- ouch!

    being the retard that i am i forgot to put sunscreen on and went off to the markets on sunday- returning home with my purchases and a shithouse tshirt burn! whats the best way (do you think) to prevent peel-age? its too late for me but for the future would be great!
  5. bex

    fancy dress- las vegas!!!

    Hi Guys! my work christmas party is coming up in a couple of weeks and the theme is Las Vegas... im a girl so i guess Elvis is out... what else!?
  6. bex

    from day to night

    Hey fashion gurus! i need an outfit to wear to work that i can continue to wear out that night... i was thinking jeans and a top and throw on heels at night? BUT heres the catch.. ive been roped into going speed dating (it means free dinner and drinks!!!) so i have to be able to look nice!
  7. bex


    has anyone been to this store? Its a shoe store.. theres one in galleruies victoria and another in world square- IM IN LOVE!!!! its so cheap! today i bought some hot wedges- blue and gold for only $60!!
  8. bex

    when the line is crossed...

    so i pashed my best male friend. ( for those who dont know me i am a girl) ive quietly known that ive always had feelings for him but now that we've kissed the feelings are a lot more intense.. i dont think he feels the same for me... so now what? i dont want our friendship to be awkard but...
  9. bex

    what do you suggest...

    Ive got my uni's version of big day out/ conception day on this weekend.. its an outdoor, music event where everyone just gets really drunk etc etc. WHAT TO WEAR?? I know its shallow but I havent been back this semester cause of my internship (a requirement) and i want to be impressive!
  10. bex

    cindy ball +village fair

    hi bathurst peops! only 0 more sleeeps till cindy ball and 2 more sleeps till village fair!! im so excited.. i havent been back this semester but ill be at VF.. wouldnt miss it~
  11. bex

    Okay so.. Hypothetically..

    ditch the strapless and wear those stick on bandaid looking flower shape things!
  12. bex

    bras with halter dresses!?

    Hi Girls! I bought this super hot halter neck dress.. and it fits really nicely but i want my D cup boobs to have a bit more lift... how can i achieve that? like are there low cut bras? or do those chicken fillet things actually work? im thinking not on large puppies like mine... ARGH...
  13. bex

    shoes too big!

    hey guys, i bought a really nice pair of pointy leather flats for work but the leaather has stretched so now theyre too big! how can i prevent myself from sliding around in them?
  14. bex

    5th wheel

    im sick of being the tag along with my 2 supposed best mates and their boyfs. they both started relationship[s around the same time and for 6 months it was 'party of 5'. now its a party of 4.. they never do anything thats not a 'couples' thing. everything involves blah and their partner.. theyve...
  15. bex

    how soon?

    I was just wondering, how soon is too soon to contact someone youve exchanged numbers with? I met a guy last nite, and obviously today is too soon... but what about wednesday? too late?? do you ( guys or girls) like it when the opposite sex messages/ calls sooner or later? discuss
  16. bex

    one of those days...

    i just had a horrific shopping day.. i suppose i knew it was coming after having 2 weeks worth of successful purchases. but today was AWFUL! i spent 4 hours doing laps of DFO searching for a skirt/ pants/ ANYTHING that i could wear to work and i came up with zip! everything was either too...
  17. bex

    well i feel humiliated...

    firstly i dont mind if noone replies to this.. i just need to vent some anger amd frustration and emotion!!! ive been seeing a boy for about 2 months now.. he isnt my boyfriend and he never was becuase of certain time and distance restraints.. but nevertheless we have been tyogether countless...
  18. bex

    bathurst o week

    hey guys, i was just wondering if the o week leaders have sent you a guide to the weeks bar nights? do you know what night dag night is on!?
  19. bex

    the tremors

    im so impressed with this brisbane band.. the first encounter i had was in a brissy shoe shop.. ealonor, the chick in the band sold me some shoes! i then saw them at splendour and i think theyre going to be pretty big! does anyone know who im talking about?
  20. bex

    john saffran takes on god

    does anyone watch this show? i really like it but i missed it this week and want to know what religion it was on!!!