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  1. k.middlebrook

    Section 1 - comprehnsion- answers- Discuss

    does anyone have a scanner who has the test paper who could scan the whole thing in because I left early and was not alond to take the test paper and I was going to go back to get one back forget to. Please some scan it in so I have the pics and everything
  2. k.middlebrook

    2007 Finished Works

    I dont have a photobucket but you can see it on myspace the link is some where.... I most likely will be applying at Kingswood tafe if not I will wait a few years and then go to a private college or uni in the city http://www.myspace.com/xxx_moocow check it out and comment please
  3. k.middlebrook

    2007 Finished Works

    how do you up load on here
  4. k.middlebrook

    2007 Finished Works

    can you show us pics of your art work cos I wanted to do similar stuff but my teachers would not let me
  5. k.middlebrook

    2007 Finished Works

    Here is my images of my major work even know it is not the best art work I could of done......... myspace.com/xxx_moocow
  6. k.middlebrook

    Art & Photography?

    It is two different subjects, the still would learn the same as the rest of the class, but the only problem is if you do photography u cant do it as your major in art which suckes for people like me who are really great at photograph but choose it as a subject and then was not aloud to leave it
  7. k.middlebrook

    Raw Notes & Suggestions for Related Texts

    Re: related texts for RAW Prison of Society Gattacha Are some really good ones
  8. k.middlebrook


    hey I did photography, for both year 11 and year 12 and I was coming first but end up coming third in my class which was out of 20 students. So just let me know how I can help you and you may be able to get high in your class.:wave:
  9. k.middlebrook

    Physical Journeys Recommended Related Texts

    Does the assessment ask for that cos I got told that if your prescribe text was a poem then your related text could not be
  10. k.middlebrook


    is anyone doing Navigating by Katherine Thomson??????? I need to some help with finding notes on the book and how to write an essay that is going to get me top marks it is due on the 22nd of june