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    Math Modelling 1 & 2

    Hey all, I've just transferred into an engineering degree from IT. In high school I did math extension 1 but I haven't done maths for 3 years now. I've been doing revision this holiday (did the MRS too) and understand the 2U concepts well but my grasp of 3u is not as fast and great as it once...
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    Arguments, Evidence and Intuition - Summer School

    I want to do 36200 Arguments, Evidence and Intuition for summer school. It is an all faculties elective offered in all sessions (Autumn, Spring, Summer). Does anyone know how difficult or time consuming this subject is as I might be doing an internship in summer too so I don't want to be too...
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    BScIT Enterprise Systems Development

    Does anyone know how hard the Enterprise Systems Development major is (I know its the pogromming major)? I can code but I'm very slow at in when the problems become complex. Currently I'm doing the business information systems management major and although its easy, I don't see much value in...
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    BscIT majors

    Hi all, I have to choose my major soon and I'm considering Business Information Systems management for my BScIT degree. Can someone tell me about it in more detail? does this major pretty much set me up to be an IT Business analyst or something to do with Business-IT? Is it a hard and time...
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    Parking near UTS

    My friend recommended Myrtle Street (off Abercrombie St, Chippendale) as it has free all day street parking. Does anyone know if this street (and surrounding streets) is safe considering that it is not too far from Redfern? cheers
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    Collaborativr Business Processes

    Does anyone know if this subject uploads lectures videos or lecture notes online? Like for introduction to information systems they didn't upload lecture videos online but they put all the lecture notes online for those who couldn't make it to the lecture.
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    I started studying at UTS in semester 2 this year, and I got an email saying its almost time for enrolling in 2018 subjects do i have to enrol in subjects for the whole 2018 calendar year or can I just do it for 1 semester, because what if my schedule changes in the second half of the year?
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    BSc IT discontinue Diploma

    I do the Bachelor of science in IT with the Diploma in IT Professional Practice and Im a domestic student, does anyone know if I can discontinue the diploma and how? Does anybody know what is the most common/popular major in the BSc IT degree? also If I'm interested in programming which major...
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    Bachelor of science in information technology

    Hi, I finished HSC in 2016 and took half a gap year, looking to study Bachelor of science in information technology (with the compulsory diploma) at UTS in semester 2. I got an ATAR of 86, what is my chance of getting in? Also, is this degree intense in terms of workload and difficulty? how...