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    NEW HSC Students - English Advanced, Extension 1 and 2 Tutoring

    Just a shout out, my business Engage/Empower is currently taking on a few new students for the 2019 HSC. If you are interested and want to know more, please consult my thread below. My aim is to get students to a band 6 level, regardless of background or current marks. If you want to be taught...
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    LAST MINUTE - Editing, Marking including Reflection Statement

    Hi all, Offering a service for last minute editing, marking and review of your Major Work and Reflection Statement. The Reflection Statement, in particular, is often the difference between and E3 and an E4 or a 48/50 and State Ranking. Please see my thread -...
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    Engage/Empower Education- {Private}- 10 years experience - 25+ Band 6 student results

    Hi all See my thread link below - website coming shortly! Tutoring offer + all your HSC English questions and anxieties addressed. http://community.boredofstudies.org/482/tutoring-classifieds/345250/english-tutoring-why-you-need-me.html Cheers, Dave
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    HSC English (All levels) - Last minute review/Marking

    Hi guys, As part of my tutoring service, I am extending you the opportunity for some last minute reviews/marking and feedback on essays you intend to write in the HSC exam, practice exam marking (including comprehension) or anything else. My rate, as with my normal tutoring -...
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    English Advanced QandA slow release

    Hi guys, Sorry for the delay in putting the Advanced session through - I had an influx of student needs, and obviously current students come first. This break did, however, give me the idea to rethink the structure a bit. I have decided to do more of a slow-release Q and A to give students...
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    Q and A tonight 730 pm

    Hi all, I have had a number of requests to postpone my Eng Adv session due to students currently completing their mid yearlies, so I will now be holding the Q and A on Wednesday, 23 March. Please keep the questions coming; if we don't get to them on Wednesday I will post as a separate...
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    Free Eng Adv Q and A

    Below is a shout out for Eng Adv. However, if there is enough interest, I would be happy to run a similar session for Extension 2, as I know this is a confusing and difficult time where you are trying to focus your MWs. Please PM me or like this post if you'd like a specialised Eng Ext 2 Q...
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    Free Eng Adv Q and A

    Hi all, In the wake of so many questions and anxieties concerning HSC English forwarded to me this year, I've decided I will run (possibly in conjunction with a good friend and highly experienced English tutor) a free 1 hour interactive Q and A online. I think this might help quell some...
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    English Tutoring - Why you need me

    Hi guys, There is a lot of garbage out there about English, how its moderated and marked, what you need to do, what you need to read etc. The colleges are incredibly cynical and waste your time and money with formulaic 'syllabuses' and more stuff like school. They are, however, right about one...