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    The wiggles at Macquarie!

    Groovy :) Newsroom - Macquarie University I never knew they use to study at Macquarie. (They should have got them to do a gig at conception day :p)
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    Games not running on Vista

    Hi Everyone, just wondering if someone could help me with an issue. I have a laptop with vista. For some reason it sometimes doesn't detect the cd/dvd of some games and other software at all when I place it in the dvd drive. In the past I was able to fix the problem with the addition of a patch...
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    Great Innovations in Gaming

    Anyone else admire a game for its innovative features that is likely to be (or is)copied by a million other games? First thing that comes to mind is Final Fantasy 12's innovations regarding making turn-based strategies a little more fun. Aside from getting rid of the god-awful randomly...
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    Guitar heroes: world tour recall

    I'm getting the band set for christmas (already brought but will receive it on the day). thing is, there is a bunch of recall rumours on the internet and apparently my mum was told by Target that if there was a problem with the package then we have to send it ourselves to the company to get it...
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    5 days away from BOS...

    and there isn't even ONE new post to read. You people should be ashamed of yourselves :p
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    Help with finding a type of game.

    Hi everyone, I'm currently choosing games for a project (involving cognitive remediation of attention) and was wondering if anyone could assist me with finding a type of game. I'm looking for a divided attention game in particular and a good example I thought of was a secret mini-game that...
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    guitar heroes aerosmith

    Hey everyone, just wondering if someone could help me with compatibility issues for guitar heroes: aerosmith and guitar heroes 2 for the xbox 360. Today I bought Guitar heroes aerosmith (bundle) and guitar heroes 2 (game only) (I already have GH3on wii). The guitar works fine for GH:Aerosmith...
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    error code: c8319

    hey everyone, just wondering if anyone could help me with an issue my dad is having regarding sending a tax return form. He is trying to send it but he keeps getting an error. The code is c8319 - and it seems to be the same problem when using my laptop and my mums. Has anyone heard of this...
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    pokemon firered/leafgreen and sapphire/ruby wanted

    Hey Everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone knows a store in Sydney (Parramatta/Ryde area ideally) that still sell the old (GENUINE!) pokemon advance games (e.g., firered/leafgreen/ruby/sapphire)? I'm hoping to play them and transfer old pokemon onto my DS pokemon game, but I can't find any...
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    library- with robots

    http://www.pr.mq.edu.au/events/index.asp?ItemID=2982 So its true. They really are getting robots. I'm not sure what that image is suppose to be - it looks more like a collection of mirrors than a building :/ It kind of mismatches the rest of the buildings on campus - guess they will have...
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    Help finding a laptop with a good graphics card

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for a new laptop. I want one that can handle newish games fairly well - mainly dues ex 2 (which wants some pixel-shader and vertex shader thingy - probably for the lighting). I'm hoping to spend around no more than $2500 (but also hoping to get...
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    quicky question: Does xbox 360 play region 1 and 2 DVDS?

    Hey everyone. Just wondering if the xbox 360 play region 1 and 2 DVDS? I wanna buy something on ebay that ends soon but wasnt sure if my 360 plays region 1 and 2 dvds. I'm pretty sure it does, as ive played dvds from overseas before, but im not certain what region they are. Any help...
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    Game you played the most on a system

    lol. I know I've been making a lot of these fairly narrow threads, but i'm just curious to know: Q. What game have you played the most on a system? Include the name of the game, the system and (if possible) the approximate hours you played the game. For me: Gameboy: Pokemon Blue...
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Everyone!!!!! All this chocolate. I bet the 'get healthy' thread will be quiet for a while :p ^^^ (I didnt get any bunnies. But I got a Bilbeh.) Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Most Over-rated/Under-rated and the most Disappointing/Surprisingly good Games?

    What do you guys think is: 1)The most over-rated game? (i.e. not necessarily bad, but nowhere near as good as what it was made out to be by everyone) 2)The most under-rated game? (i.e. the game that you hardly heard about that ended up being really good). 3)The most disappointing...
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    keyboard screwed

    Just wondering if someone can help me with a problem i am having with my laptop. the 'up' arrow button of the keyboard is screwed up. For some reason it isn't working at all, yet at random and frequent times the computer goes crazy (it seems to register that the up arrow button is suddenly being...
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    BPay Hecs fees

    Hey everyone, I just started a netbank account and wanted to pay HECS via Bpay. I looked up my Statement of Outstanding Charges and the how to pay options. I got the Biller Code (it showed it was too macquarie) and i used the 'Ref No' that is under the Biller Code as my 'Customer...
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    Pentium Duo Core. What is it?

    Ok, can someone please tell me how a Pentium Duo compares to a pentium 4 etc? All i know is that the former has two thingys, which makes the computer go really fast, but does that mean its x2 the speed or what? I'm computer stupid. Soz.
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    getting nervous...

    I recently borrowed 4 books and last week i returned all four to the library. Today i checked my borrower and found that one book still hadn't been processed, as if i still had it :( I rang the library and she said she would check to see if they had it. I'm not too optomisitic about this...
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    24 - Australian Airing

    The Official 24 Thread - Australian Airing There doesn't seem to be a thread about the Australian airing of 24 and i kind of feel weird writing in there about episodes they have already seen via the US airing. How did people find tonights episode? A nuke went off! who would have expected...