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    National Qualifying Exam

    anyone doing it here?
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    a roots of unity geometry question

    How about this one: Let A, B, C, ..., G represent 1, w, w^2, ..., w^6 where w = cis(2pi/7). Let H represent -1 Prove HA*HB*...*HG = 2 there's several answers to this one. I found the good solution only after I did the HSC. it involves polynomials i think...
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    About how ext2 forum works

    I hear some of us are worrying about the lack of queries / questions coming from HSC students. Considering that this is March (and the psychology that ext2 students are not posting dumb questions because they're afraid ppl will think they shouldn't be doing the course), I reckon this is pretty...
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    another problem (complex #'s + more)

    1) Let A_1, A_2, ..., A_n represent the nth roots of unity w_1, w_2, ..., w_n. Suppose P represents z such that |z| = 1 (btw, w_1 is omega subscript 1, etc) i) Prove w_1 + w_2 + ... + w_n = 0 ii) Show that |PA_i|^2 = (z-w_i)(z(bar) - w_i(bar)) (for all i = 1, 2, ..., n) iii) Hence prove...
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    a polynomials question

    Because "OLDMAN" is complaining about the lack of problems, I've decided to cause one myself... Prove that x^3 + 3px^2 + 3qx + r has a double root if and only if: (pq - r)^2 = 4(p^2 - q)(q^2 - pr) Enjoy :p
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    Im back

    Didn't realise the new address for this forum...sorri
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    Nooby tutors - your thoughts

    maybe this belongs to the 'non-school' forum, but anyway: The question is: Are ppl who just finished the HSC this year qualified to tutor ppl for the HSC next year? Why / why not? And if so, how much would you pay for 1-on-1 tuition with such a tutor? Would you prefer a tutor who...
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    Summer School

    Hey, is anyone here going to the chemistry summer school this coming January? The training thing for chem olympiad, if you didn't realise...
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    I know I'll regret this, but...

    Now, for any 2003 year 12's who are doing extension 2 next year: From my experience, a lot of ppl get stumped on one or two particular questions and then they get discouraged and enter some chronic depression state. So, if that happens to any of you, feel free to post any extension 2 (or...
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    next year

    Just wondering, Laz and folks, are you planning to do some sort of system wipe b4 next year, or keep it as is? Because this site's gonna grow *very* big by next year...
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    "New" new HSC

    I want to suggest a few more electives for a "new" new HSC chemistry. Just to make it more "relevant" than ever to society: 1. Terror and Terrorists: Discuss properties must chemicals have to be used as explosives. Identify chemical tests to qualitatively determine the type of explosive...
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    A re-phrasing of the modules exam:

    I've re-phrased the questions that I did for the exam, just to make things clearer: Mod A, Q1: Transformations is an interesting topic. To what extent do you agree? Refer to your set texts in your answer. Mod B, Q2: Compose an argument of two people about a novel. (Cheers to all the...
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    The reason for "change"

    My teacher's theory is that the BOS chose "Change" as the first area of study for the new syllabus because they wanted to brainwash everyone who did the HSC into thinking that "change" is "good", hence the new HSC is "good" because it's a "change" from the old syllabus. It's propaganda, I...
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    Stupid UAI craze

    Why can't people just goto Lazseeker and screw around with the wonderful system they have there, instead of asking stupid questions about their UAI. I mean, just put in your real trial marks in, have a look, and then each time, just raise (or lower) one particular subject by one mark at a...
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    The future question 8 of mathematics HSC

    Question 8 (15 marks) a) State Pythagoras' theorem (1) b) Explain the importance of mathematical advances in ancient greek society. (2) c) Discuss the impacts of Pythagoras' theorem to modern society. (2) d) How does new mathematical discoveries such as the proof to Fermat's last...
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    hey who here bothers to memorise their speeches...and doing without cheat-cards? imean palm cards..?