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    Thoughts on hsc subjects

    oh dude sameeeee I started off the year strong ranked 1st for ext and 2nd for adv and idek what happened in term 2 but my rank dropped so bad, I'm really hoping to do better on trials
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    Thoughts on hsc subjects

    I dont think prelim really matter since usually prelims marks are used for early entries to uni and since your in year 10 it shouldn't be much of stress. I'm also accelerating in maths and I dont think advanced really matters if you r gonna do 4u unless ur schools has limited spots for 4u...
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    Thoughts on hsc subjects

    I regret not doing studies of religion but I chose ancient instead which I do like but I think I would've enjoyed studies of religion much more.
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    Advice of how Economics for HSC is like?

    if I remember clearly I think topic 1 is like an intro to eco and then 2 was like understanding the role of consumers and businesses 3 was markets and 4 is about the labour market and the government's role. I think economics is not really a memory base and more about understanding the concepts...
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    Advice of how Economics for HSC is like?

    Umm economics in year 11 personally, I found it very simple and easy since it's really just about terminology and understanding the foundation of economics. I didn't think I would enjoy economics since I'm more of a stem person and do not like to write essays and responses however I think...
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    Zhang's or Matrix for Chem/Bio

    I haven't been to Zhang's but I do know some people whose been and their marks are pretty good and are ranked high as well, as for Matrix I know that they are relatively slow compared to other tutoring and I would only suggest it if you feel like you need to take things a bit slower if that...
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    my school hasnt officially cancelled but most teachers said it's going to be online with cameras on and somehow they will monitor us. I just think that's really unfair for those whose been studying like honestly.... idek
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    Tutoring - Is It Necessary for the HSC?

    I go tutoring for maths and the sciences that I am taking which has helped but I find that I am actually doing better in subjects which I don't do tutoring for but as I mentioned I do go tutoring mainly because the teachers I have for that subject is shit so it definitely does help. I don't...
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    Maths: Private or Dr. Du?

    I think the scholarships are opened now for 2022 entries (for the matrix year which is one term ahead) so u would need to apply soon
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    Thoughts on Proficiency Education?

    I have friends who go to both drdu and proficiency and honestly I think drdu is better since they challenge you more but if you are looking for a tutoring which is more helpful to each individual I think proficiency may be better.
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    What should I drop 2022 HSC!!!!!

    haha ye I'll probably return for more advice later in the year and just another question how important do you think your school rank plays in your final scores
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    What should I drop 2022 HSC!!!!!

    I'm a current year 11 and I know this may be too early in the year to think about but I'm wondering what should subjects I should drop and whether I should do 10/12 units. So currently, I do maths adv/ext, economics, chem, physics and ancient history. I'm going to do ext 2 maths in year 12 as...