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  1. J

    Mathematics Assessment Ranks

    Thanks for the info guys :)
  2. J

    Mathematics Assessment Ranks

    Are the people who do the 4-unit maths course included in the number of people in the course ranks for 2 unit maths?
  3. J

    General Thoughts: Biology

    LOL - i only remember punctuated equilibrium because it's like my study habits - nothing for a longgggg period of time and then short, rapid changes :P
  4. J

    So, What Are Everybody's Predictions for the Biology Exam?

    Just curious (especially re: higher-mark questions)... currently cramming >< Best of luck to everyone also! :lol:
  5. J

    Any rural students on here that have opinion on how they'll go?

    No, no 3 hours in total... the trip is 1.5 hours each way :) and your exactly right, the atar isnt life defining... sure getting a good one would make the next year easier, but theres more than one way to do what you want :)
  6. J

    What did everyone put as there preferences ?

    B Physiotherapy at Newcastle :)
  7. J

    Waking up for SOR

    why not just pray that you do well ;) lol. why am i so hilarious.
  8. J

    Walking out of the exam?

    Dude if you walk out, why the hell have you been sitting in chemistry for 2 years then? what a waste, its 3 hours...just give it your best...you may regret walking out in a few years.
  9. J

    Any rural students on here that have opinion on how they'll go?

    I'm rural, and let me tell you the 3 hours of travelling to and from school each day during the hsc year was somewhat inconvenient (especially the early wake ups after long nights studying), however i feel proud of my efforts this year, and am hoping for an atar between 90-95...hoping to get...
  10. J

    Estimate your 2U mark :)!

    so i marked my paper via the online solutions and got 97/120. what mark would this approximate/scale to?
  11. J

    Online Unofficial Exam Solutions

    Thanks man!
  12. J

    Online Unofficial Exam Solutions

    Anyone know of any solutions for the 2-unit paper that are up yet? :cool:
  13. J

    I fell asleep ORZ...

    you obviously take life seriously.
  14. J

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Does anybody know of any solutions posted online as of yet? ...or when some might be released? :)