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    Help - CoD MW3

    Well, for some reason I am getting a strict NAT in MW3 online (PC)... I always get high ping, and takes ages to find a game through matchmaking. -- I have tried port forwarding, disabling UpNP etc. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thankyou.
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    Is this important?

    "Your assessment ranks will be available in My Details from 4.00pm Friday 11 November. Use your student number and HSC pin to log on. If you have lost or forgotten your HSC PIN, use your email address and answer a security question to recover it now." -- Is this just your school's...
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    Quick estimate anyone please?

    Ranking then estimated raw HSC mark. * Business Studies 1/11 - 90% * Legal Studies 2/11 - 65% * General Maths 3/51 - 85% * Advanced English 11/33 - 65% * IT VET - no ranking. - 80% Cheers.
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    How does assessment mark with HSC exam mark work?

    I got roughly 85%+ for my internal assessment mark for legal studies. However, for the external exam I think I only got roughly 60% or 70% raw...I'm hoping my internal mark can push this up a bit. How do these two marks conform to form my overall HSC mark? -- IF anyone has knowledge regarding...
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    ATAR estimate, please?

    Estimates are rough, but just curious as to what it could be. I've already got early entry so it's not dramatically important but eh. Subjects: - Business Studies: 1/11. Internal: 92%+ External (estimate): 85%+ - English Advanced: 11/33. Internal: 75% External (estimate): 65% - General...