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    Foodtech exam set out! Important for all ft students

    Hey guys, this goes out to all the foodtech students doing their hsc... with the upcoming exam i am just a bit unsure of how it will be set out. in 2009 there was 10MC, 55SA, and 35ExtendedResponse... in 2010, there was 20MC, 55SA, 25Extended response... in our trial there was 20MC, 50SA and 30...
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    Still need help with how my marks are scaled etc... can someone please explain for me

    Hey guys, just asking for a bit of confirmation on something... I keep reading about how your mark will be scaled up etc. I'm unsure with how it works. Okay so I was thinking if i gave you my assessment mark, and how i went in the exam, what you would think I would get as my overall and final...
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    what raw exam mark do you need for a band 4 in english standard?

    hey guys, i just made the account to ask this question as i wish to take up the bachelor of education course when i finish but you need a band 4 in both english and maths. I do standard, what mark would i need to achieve a band 4?