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    STUCK!- Speech/Exposition.

    In my english class we currently have to write a speech/exposition 1000-1500 (not long enough if you ask me), im stuck for topic ideas... good ones that is. I had a few ideas but i wasn't sure, i want this one to be good. I want to show my teacher how good i can be.
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    Poetry - im hoping ive improved ...

    Sunset so deep and thin Beholds beneath our skin The beauty of the light With the shadows awakened and darkened It is no longer gray Like those autumn days in may The leaves glisten As the tree tops listen The phases of summer move on The wind howling in my ear A beg, a plead, a beg of murcy...
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    Nerds or geeks ?

    ok would u care if the person u liked was a geek or nerd ? haha would u be a geek or nerd with them ? whats so bad about them ?
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    ok im being an idiot and all but pokemon was the shiz lol who was ur fav charactor or ur fav tv show when u were young
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    "teen love"

    ok so people dont get aggressive with me over this lmao ... why is it people get so shitty when teens say there "inlove" i mean like geesh arnt they allowed to at least think its love ... it may not last forever but its possible it might theres a fairly low chance but there is still a chance ...
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    Poem - plz read

    the darkness grows underneath her skin the love has left her to die the happyness that was once there has beckoned beckond at her , for her , f...for her to pass on to a new life Her soul roaming the lifeless earth that she has been forsaken to one last glimps of hope , one glimps of life ...
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    My poem - love it or hate it ....

    As tears crawl down her face At there very own pace She thinks with her heart Only can he unlock it Or forever shall it be an empty pit Eyeliner has run , soaky wet skin As he lays only a finger on her Thinking to himself as he runs it along Slowly wrapping his arms around her Drawing...
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    Any1 got ne ideas on what book i should reas now

    yeah idk wat authors are good im into fantasy, comedy, romantic, humorous books and anything about teenagers or something like that =D even if its not something i look like i wouldnt like . tell me anyway ill check the book out :D
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    Poetry - tell me wat ya think of my poem

    Realising that i walk everyday for you ... Speaking as tho we never loose touch... Burning slowly throughout the day... Our light, Never shall it die.. Its like im infected with the flu... My heart tells me these stories of how much i love you... When we talk and say our good byes i...