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    BoS Maths Trials 2019

    HI, I can tell you are very good at math. can you help? I need some 2018 mathematics extension 1 trial papers to practice. I can't find any except BoS. If you have some, do you mind emailing me some at lauralin24@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot. wish you get state rank for 3u and 4u math.
  2. L

    2018 Trial Papers Thread

    Hi, Thanks for providing such a useful resource for 3 unit math. I went to that website, somehow I can't see ay 2018 trial papers. Can you please tell me where to get 2018 trials ? Thanks a lot
  3. L

    2019 Chemistry Trial Papers

    I wonder whether you can email some to me. My email address : lauralin24@ hotmail.com Thanks a lot.