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    Band 6 in business studies, legal studies and economics

    Hello there! My name is Tamanna and I am a second year Commerce and Law student at the UNSW. I completed my HSC in 2015, and received an ATAR of 97.15 with a band 6 in Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Advanced English and Extension 1 English. I am eager to pass my knowledge to other...
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    Cheap Legal Studies and Business Studies Tutoring by a UNSW LAW student

    Hi Everyone ☺ My name is Tamanna, and I recently graduated with an ATAR of 97.15, and am currently studying Bachelor of Commerce and Law at UNSW. I am an easy going and cheerful person that would not only become your tutor but also a mentor, assisting you in overcoming this terrifying and...
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    Module B

    For Module B do we always need to talk about textual integrity?? regardless of whether the question asked us to??
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    Hey, When they say 'talk about your prescribed and ATLEAST one related of your choosing' Is it okay to only talk about one related or do we need two? Thanks :)
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    Multiple choice Help please

    Could someone please explain why the answer is B and not C Thank you :)
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    School Recommendation Scheme

    Hey, Does anyone know how to send your SRS application to UAC :$
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    Post trial atar estimate please

    Hi, Could I please get an Atar estimate I really want to get a 95+ For trials we used the CSSA English Advanced= 85% rank 3/44 Business Studies= 95% rank 1/52 Legal Studies= 92% rank 1/32 Economics= 95% rank 1/15 Extension 1 English= 86% rank 1/11 General Maths=54% (not sure about...
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    Hey, could someone please explain what it means to 'reduce the NAIRU'? Thanks :)
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    Would someone please mark my Young Offenders essay :)

    Hello :) Would someone be able to have a look at me Young offenders essay; "Assess the effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System when dealing with Young offenders" and give me a mark out of 15 please. Your help would really be appreciated thanks before hand :) The criminal justice...
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    Atar estimate please

    Hi, could I please get an atar estimate; my school rank is 167 Business studies: 1/72 Legal Studies :2/32 Economics: 1/14 EE1: 1/11 EE2: 3/4 Advanced English: 10/44 General Maths: 22/77 Thank you :)