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    Transferring from UWS to UTS

    Hi, did you mean WSU? Most students only need a pass average after 1 years of bachelors study to get into engineering at UTS. Otherwise there's a sliding scale decided by UAC on what your "effective" ATAR would be depending on your GPA. We have a lot of students transferring from WSU...
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    Whats the difference between full-time and part-time study

    Assuming your degree has 8 subjects/course/units per year (4 per semester) The Aust. government deems full time as 3/4 of the full load for the year ie: 3 subjects per semester, total minimum of 6 per year. Part time is anything less. This affects your youth allowance and travel concession
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    Am i blind or does UTS not have a B comp sci/B Engineering Double degree

    hi, we don't have a BE BCompSc degree but if you did a BE (Software Engineering) there's a lot of common subjects - and you have enough space in the degree to do a Computer Science sub-major https://handbook.uts.edu.au/directory/smj10131.html instead of electives. when in doubt, send a quick...
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    How long until courses be back on campus

    UTS is open to anyone with a valid student card, some buildings are locked down though (eg B5, B10). Spring 2020 - no lectures or tutorials, but there may be some labs open since you need to do SOME labwork in some subjects (eg engineering, chemistry etc). But social distance rules apply, so the...
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    Why do UTS call their degree Computing Science? and difference between CS Programss

    Hi, the Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) is more than just a computer science degree - it's 4 years long with an embedded research/honours year. The structure is different too * UNSW has 2 years of a major (CS, databases, ecommerce, AI, programming languages, computer networks, security...
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    UTS Flexible 1st year engineering?

    I know this an old thread, but you only need to pass the 1st year of engineering at UTS to transfer to any other major: See https://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/current-students-information-faculty-engineering-and-it/undergraduate/course-transfer-and-change-major
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    B.Business/B.Science in Information Technology(UTS)- HD Assignments/Notes

    I hope you realise that you are facilitating cheating. UTS also uses turnitin and other tools to detect cheating.
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    atar below cutoff (UTS)

    Don't forget that you can also appeal directly to the university admissions if you are fractionally under the ATAR - *most* courses have some discretion if you can provide some evidence of aptitude. Best thing is to look for the course coordinator or appropriate director or Associate Dean of...
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    Can you 'drop in' to lectures at UTS

    hi, chris from UTS here. As brent012 states, most lecturers won't mind you dropping into lectures, but if you want to do this for tutorials/labs/workshops you really need permission from the subject coordinator. cheers chrisw
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    Engineering Offer

    If you put in decent answers on the engineering questionaire we can add some bonus marks to your score to get you over the line. Don't forget that the ATAR cutoffs do vary each year, hence no one can yet tell if you if you got in or not. chrisw
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    Engineering Offer

    hi chris from UTS here. it depends on which major you chose. The guaranteed entry scores are here: http://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/undergraduate/high-school-students/guaranteed-entry-scheme Did you ask for Civil engineering (guaranteed cutoff 95 )? Otherwise wait till the main round...
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    subject questions

    hi, chris from UTS here. UTS makes all Engineering students do a Math Readiness Survey - https://my.feit.uts.edu.au/pages/course/undergraduate/new_students - if you dont make the grade we force you to take Foundation Math. This is taken as 1 of your 4 electives hence doesn't necessarily make...
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    White subjects for Yr 11 for good ATAR ?

    Another site to look at: HSC Scaling | Dux College, HSC tuition specialists, HSC Articles Basically you need to 'game' your HSC approach. I call this 'tactical' studying :-) As for the comments about scaling, I hate to break the news to you, but it is important to pick subjects that you are...
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    White subjects for Yr 11 for good ATAR ?

    check out HSC Scaling, How HSC Scaling works, Information on HSC Scaling - Dux College for a very detailed analysis of the NSW HSC scaling system. Then read HSC Scaling and Choosing Subjects - Dux College for which subjects give you the most Then once your eyeballs retract back into their...
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    J2EE Subjects???

    Vigoss, I am the subject coordinator for the Java EE subjects and also teach the short course. The subject you are looking for is indeed Advanced Internet Programming. It covers enough for you to start getting Sun certified. It is also considered a challenging course! I have many...