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    2019 Combined Commerce

    I want to study Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science in UNSW but the personalized website they gave me said “Combined Commerce”, will I be able to choose which subject i combine it with when I receive my offer or is this a mistake.
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    How can I transfer into the course I want?

    I'm currently in Year 12, doing my HSC and I want to study Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science at UNSW which is 97 ATAR. I'm probably going to get about 4 subjects bonus points so I only need 93 ATAR. If I don't make it, what course should I apply for if I want to transfer into the course...
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    Ammeters and springs

    I have a school project where we have to build an ammeter, I plan to build the moving coil ones but I have no idea what type of spring provides the restoring/controlling force for the turning coil. Do know what kind of spring I'm supposed to use and where to buy it?
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    Former Table of Standard Integrals for HSC

    Can we assume integrals in the former table of standard integrals but not in the newer reference sheet for 4U math or should I learn to prove all of them?
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    Top tier Extension 1 Integration

    \int\sqrt{2x-x^2}\,dx Completely stuck
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    4U Curve Sketching

    When you are given a sketch question with no previous parts as to finding any intercepts, stationary points or asymptotes and neither do they tell you to use addition or multiplication of ordinates, just sketch. How do we approach this, do I show the general shape of the graph , intercepts and...
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    What does ATAR really encompass?

    I know what ATAR means and the what goes into calculating it but what does scaling, aligning and weighting marks mean? I found these terms on the rawmark website
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    Learning to Math with LaTeX

    I'm learning to use LaTeX through MiKTeX and TeXMaker and can type most of the things I need but I want to be able to type on here using LaTeX for math stuff, it makes things easier to see and recommended by the forum. The text appears fine on the pdf preview but how can I copy and paste it over...
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    4U Math, Tutoring and Stress

    How feasible is it to do 4U math without tutoring? In addition, how high will I have to score in order for me to scale higher than a 100 in 2U? I'm debating between dropping it or keeping it, I could continue with 4U and drop at the very last second because our school requires us to do all the...
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    Studying or "Winging" an Essay

    I've come to notice that there are two main methods to prepare for an essay exam; Pre-prepared essays and "winging" it In most of our lives, teachers have encouraged us to make notes, remember quotes, techniques and main ideas then answering a question in the form of an essay. This method of...