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    EXAM, stuffed or not

    Well i didnt even pass my school trials (james ruse one) is it just me or was there a lot of calculations and pracs in it?? cos i havent the first idea about calculations so i had walked in thinking 'at least i know all the theory' and hoped that it would constitute about 70-80% of the exam...
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    the individual in society

    superhubert what u wrote sounds good i just wrote stuff on understanding those other characters who conform to societal constraints because i didnt want to look like some feminist (might be a male, chauvinistic marker <=s), who simply saw all these oppressed women, if u know what i mean. But...
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    the individual in society

    I thought the question was pretty strange... I just wrote out my essay adapting that something like "We respond to characters that conform to their society with empathy and understanding of the patriarchal conventions of the time but we also respond to the individuals who sought autonomy...
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    Batteries - remembering them all?

    Ruse says you should know all of them That they might ask speficially which battery to compare it to.
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    bio results

    i dont think anywhere just of yet... perhaps next year... for now, if u got any questions on any of the questions just post it and lots of ppl will attempt to answer it for u =T
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    Accounting Cadetships

    Moore Stephens PMN
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    Accounting Cadetships

    ill be looking like such a sic cunt next year in my classy suit. <-- LOL!!! i wish i had a classy suit... hMm yeah i guess im a depressing kinda person. My school is James Chan UAI Factory and any soul i had once possessed was confiscated.. nah seriously, i just dont care what i do with...
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    I love clean water...

    i wrote be careful not to break the glass slide when raising the platform against the magnifier things.. and that the microcope should be properly used. *shrugs* Perhaps the BoS were intending for us to be careful with needles and such when pricking ourselves for blood to use in the...
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    individuals and ways of thinking

    i dont understand what you're asking? Aren't the two thingis always one creative and one essay?? Or are you asking about REALLY CREATIVE vs speeches and stuff which are just slight transformations of essays?? I do Individual in Society and i think the best way to study for the creative is to...
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    Accounting Cadetships

    oh.. in addition, my parents *aren't* accountants. They're public servants and don't care for what i earn or what i do, as long as it's respectable. I just prefer to be clean and sitting in a booth typing figures in excel, photocopying or whatever they do. Does it really matter what you...
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    Accounting Cadetships

    hMMm i dont see why you gotta be such a fucknut about it all.. I just didnt know what to do in uni and having the cadetship gave me a direction. All i knew is that i wanted to work and study p/t cos i see it as a waste of time to be sitting in uni f/t. I've heard accounting's really boring...
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    Questions were too broad

    I think it was unwise to tackle the option you hadn't done. People in my school wrote 3-8 pages on that 7 mark question. I dont see how you could have described gene cloning without knowing anything about it because its to do with recombinant DNA technology. You might have been better off to do...
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    Biology overrrrrrrrrrr

    Question 13: My answer was B. Option D was 'The artificial selection and breeding of suitable offspring within a species'. This is F2 crossbreeding. The question asked for hybridisation which is the crossing of two pure bred, parental type, genetically different strains of a species --> B...
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    Accounting Cadetships

    I only applied for Moore Stephens because of it's convenient location. I didn't apply for any other firms. I like the idea of working in a mid-tier firm because you're closer to the members of the firm. I also gives me a better chance to work my way up =D I applied for business @ uts. I had...
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    Biology overrrrrrrrrrr

    The answer the question 11 was c look at the middle family.. they are obviously aa x aa producing all aa children hence the whites are recessive and the polycystic kidney disease is grey, which is dominant and non sex linked. i know you might have been deterred by the 'rare disease' part but...
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    Biology overrrrrrrrrrr

    hMMm yes i was quite disappointed with that exam as well. I studied 2 hours on each topic and desperately went on searches for epidemiological studies, limb bud formation and gene expression and the exam only covered very basic elements of the bio syllabus. 8 marks on the red blood cell...
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    Accounting Cadetships

    Yes i did with Moore Stephens PMN
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    Chemistry Calculations

    Hi everybody I think i'm alright with the theoretical side of chem.. thinking it'd constitute about 80% of my trial paper i thought i'd do fairly well. However, my chem trial paper was like 80% calculations and i really cant do them (like moles, titrations, heat of neutralisation and such)...
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    Employment Opportunity

    Hi i live in Merrylands (one train station away from ffld) and was wondering if there are still any vacancies? Im currently in yr 12 at James Ruse doign Extension 1 maths and english. =) If so, could you possible leave a msg on my icq 29890443. thanks~ :D