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  1. Ununoctium

    New Undergraduate Admission Cut Offs

    Found this on Wikipedia.
  2. Ununoctium

    Mathematics in Commerce

    Hey guys, Just wondering how mathematically heavy a Bachelor of Commerce is? At UNSW, I know some subjects are dense with maths (ie. ECON1203), but what about others (ACCT1501, ECON1101 & ECON1102, FINS1613)? If Commerce is maths heavy, what mathematical concepts would you suggest to...
  3. Ununoctium

    ATAR Estimate Please =] Post trials

    School rank: approx. 110 Me: English Advanced: 1/49 English Extension 1: 1/7 English Extension 2: 1/3 Modern History: 1/9 Italian Beginners: 1/5 History Extension: 1/5 Chemistry: 5/20 :mad3: Friend 1: English Advanced: 6/49 Mathematics Extension 1: 1/10 Mathematics Extension 2: 1/4...
  4. Ununoctium

    Submission soon!

    Only 7 days until submission... Are you all ready?
  5. Ununoctium

    ATAR estimate please :)!

    Could you please estimate the ATAR of some of my friends :)? Thank you. School rank: approx. 120 Friend 1: English (Advanced): 7/49 Japanese Continuers: 2/3 Mathematics Extension 1: 1/10 Mathematics Extension 2: 1/4 Chemistry: 1/20 Physics: 1/7 Friend 2: English (Advanced)...
  6. Ununoctium

    Estimate Please.

    School rank: Approx. 120 English (Advanced): 1/49 English Extension 1: 1/9 English Extension 2: 1/3 Modern History: 1/9 History Extension: 1/5 Chemistry: 4/20 Italian Beginners: 1/5 11 units of subjects. Thank you! :)
  7. Ununoctium


    Hi everyone, How many words in total would you write for each response in an AOS: Discovery examination? For example, the creative 950 words, the extended response 1,000, reading 800 - whatever you think is appropriate. There's been some discussion that for English (Advanced) you must write...
  8. Ununoctium

    To what extent do internal marks get considered in the HSC?

    Hi everyone, I know that the standard response to this question is that internal marks count towards 50% of your HSC. If your internal marks are 80/100 for one 50% assessment and 90/100 for another 50% assessment, your internal mark for your HSC is 85/100. However, I find this hard to believe...
  9. Ununoctium

    Roll Call - EX2 2015!

    Hi English Extension 2ers, Feel free to introduce yourselves! I'm doing a poetry suite. What about you all?
  10. Ununoctium


    Hi everyone, I was just wondering how many units you are doing for your HSC, and why you have chosen to do that amount. Would you do 11 units? I'm considering dropping down to 11 from 12. I'd like to drop economics and elect history extension, but I am not too sure yet. I don't really want...
  11. Ununoctium

    The Best and Worst Electives

    What in your opinion would be the best and worst electives in Extension 1? The options are: GENRE Elective 1 - Life Writing Elective 2 - Comedy Elective 3 - Science Fiction TEXTS AND WAYS OF THINKING Elective 1 - After the Bomb Elective 2 - Romanticism Elective 3 - Navigating the...
  12. Ununoctium

    Best Extension 1 Elective for Extension 2

    Hi guys, Just wondering what you think the best Extension 1 elective would be to base your Extension 2 major on? From what I can see, I'd think Textual Dynamics would be the easiest to work with. Thoughts? What would be the worst as well?
  13. Ununoctium

    The Subject You Most Enjoy

    What's the most enjoyable subject you do? :) For me, it is English Extension 1. I really enjoy the independence of the subject, and also the idea of a sustained piece of writing later on (to give us a taste of Extension 2 before we have to elect it, which I hope to do).
  14. Ununoctium

    History Extension or English Extension 2?

    Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this. I was planning for the future, and I a came across a hurdle. Extension 2 English or History Extension? Yikes! I was wondering if you could share your insights with each of the subjects. Which scales higher, or are they...