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  1. sab13562


    Hey There, Just wanted to ask, is usyd's maths MOOC equivalent to HSC advanced mathematics or HSC maths extension 1?
  2. sab13562

    How do changes in components in the balance of payment influence the value of Exchange Rate?

    I know persistent cads can undermine investor confidence = capital flight = depreciation. Increased foreign investment = Kafa surplus, and appreciation as demand for AUD increases. BOGS surplus = appreciation as demand for AUD increases? What else can I mention?
  3. sab13562

    MC Question

    The answer is D. I know that decreased competition means that prices will increase, however, why would they decide to reduce the quantity as well?
  4. sab13562

    Business Analytics, what is it exactly?

    So I've seen a few commerce courses offering this major. What topics are taught in this major? Has anyone done it and if so, is it interesting? How is it career-wise?
  5. sab13562

    Multiple Choice; Please Help!

    Hey Guys, I really need some help for eco multiple choice. I've memorised most of my content and for the past year I've been practicing heaps of multiple choice however I never really end up doing well. My most recent mark was 13/20, but for other exam sections my marks are good. Please help!
  6. sab13562

    Who's going to Macquarie Uni 2022

    If anyone's going to Macquarie, which course are you doing? I'm thinking of bachelor of commerce. Would be nice to make some friends.