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  1. adnan91

    Find all complex numbers z such that Re(z^3)<0 PLEEASSE HELP

    Full question: Find all complex numbers z such that Re(z^3)<0 and show the solutions graphically in the complex plane. It says hint: this problem is best handled in polar coordinations. Ive made little progress in it and i have no idea what to do. HELP ME!! thanks in advnce
  2. adnan91

    USYD enrolment variations Q

    K enrolment variations is up and running, so ive changed a few things. Ive changed from differential calculus math1001 to differential calculus math1901. It says under math1001 WITHDRAWN and under math1901 ENROLLED, is this right? does it mean that my timetable/course will have math1901 instead...
  3. adnan91

    POLL: 2008 UAI | How smart is bos?

    Since the UAI's came out bos looks very smart but I wanna know exactly how smart.
  4. adnan91

    Different rankings but by like .5 of difference what happen if?

    Say in any subject. Im coming third out of like eleven. But the difference between me and number two is .5 and me and number 1 is like 2 marks. IF in the hsc exam i get a mark of say 92 and the number one guy gets 88 does that mean i will end up with a aligned hsc mark
  5. adnan91

    Is GTA 4 avaliable on PS2 or just pS3

    Is it???