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  1. kasakiki

    Worst thing about university?

    As above: The constant, low grade anxiety/guilt caused never being "finished for the day". Something is always due, or pending,due. It sucks the joy out of everything else you are doing at the time :/
  2. kasakiki

    Nervous to start uni

    Starting anything new with a new bunch of people will always feel awkward. People in your degree will come from lots of different backgrounds - you'll find people who are very similar to you and also very different. This is good, gives you the chance to see how other people live and think! The...
  3. kasakiki

    What are the major disadvantages of taking a gap year?

    don't worry, employers could give less of a stuff if you took a gap year or not. So long as you have something lined up to be doing in your gap year, aka full time job, then by the end of it, you are in a better financial position, you know what working in an actual job is like. also, applying...
  4. kasakiki

    Residential Colleges

    jumb - also used to be able to get "free,reuseable feminine pads" , most disturbing find ever FYI
  5. kasakiki

    Residential Colleges

    Yes, bring doonas,sheets,pillows,crockery, nothing that you value dearly, and buy a bucket so you dont chunder on your floor when drunk - you'll remember only after its too late and you discover that the bins all have holes in them... which college did you get into?
  6. kasakiki

    Nursing at Newcastle

    i did nursing there - i dont know what youve heard, but content wise its a pretty standard course, they have good facilities and prac labs in particular at that uni. However, i think the big divider of people in the cohort is the culture that comes with nursing - you either agree with it all...
  7. kasakiki

    HSC Biology or Chemistry to go into a nursing career?

    I did nursing at Newcastle for a while, id recommend doing biology as it will make life easier for you (having said that, if you didnt do any biology in highschool, as at least half the cohort hadnt, its not really that difficult to pick up) i didnt do phys or chem, but i didnt really find that...
  8. kasakiki

    Early Entry?

    Hi there! If you go to the UAC website and click through as an undergrad, up in the top right of the screen there is a tab that says "offers". In here you will find a complete table of the dates at which each round of offers (including early rounds) are made. If you click on a round, say...
  9. kasakiki

    Registration System...

    awsomeo, thanks folks :)
  10. kasakiki

    Registration System...

    i think mine are ok..... i totally forgot that the hubs tutes opened on the 10th (or whatever day it was) and logged on just in time to get the last spot in a group i wanted. by the by: is there anywhere that i could find a map of where the rooms are? or does this just not exist?
  11. kasakiki

    Enrolment Day - Faculty of Health

    i went, wasnt too bad for me, i was one of the 400 or so nurses that made their mass exodus,lol, it was funny to watch at least, and i got my enrolment and tutes sorted, so i was happy :)
  12. kasakiki

    O week!?! Is it worth going to?!?

    Half your luck! hello epic vaccination fail :/
  13. kasakiki

    Anyone going to UNCLE?

    lol at all the above , just lol
  14. kasakiki

    Anyone going to UNCLE?

    Don't think he'd mind, your probably an improvement on his usual "hot chick" :) Cus' he's fully sik bru and not at all particular ay!
  15. kasakiki


    Hi! Nursing , then emergency medicine at bathurst (ambulance service for me eventually). which degree are you doing?
  16. kasakiki

    The "I'm Fat" Friend - annoying!

    *omg, im so fat, look at how fat i am! i disgust me!* and/or *omg, im so skinny* and/or *my boobs are so smalll* ect ect ect and all variations on this line of blatantly stupid statements are called attention seeking behaviours, fishing for compliments- call it what you will. People make these...
  17. kasakiki

    Work Experience/ Volunteer work?

    In Year 11 i did 2 weeks of voluntary work experience in hospitals and with allied health groups while i was trying to decide which area i wanted to pursue. It did help that my sister was a doctor (registrar at that point i think) and knew the heads of each department,lol, but i had a great time...
  18. kasakiki

    What was ur first day @ Uni like, Uni Students?

    uni kids livers know no boundries, 9am is just as good a time as any -or they may be drunk still fom the previous night -either way, win for you?
  19. kasakiki

    What was ur first day @ Uni like, Uni Students?

    gah! im so looking forward to my first uni day, but so very very nervous, hate that awkward standing around amongst tonnes of people and no one is talking to each other - though the walking towards a crowd of people who have already grouped off scenario is on a whole other level of suck...