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    Module C Related text (History and Memory)

    Just completed a past paper on paper 2, and dropped my pens when it said 'refer to two related texts' for Module C (History and Memory), does anyone know any easy to learn related text for this section!? danka :wavey:
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    Genuine Freak Out

    So I just looked at hsc countdown, and we have 16 days and 8 hours left till Paper 1. Then repetitive exams. My HSC timetable is utter bs, with a double up and consecutive exams, my trial marks have disappointed me so much, and i'm extremely underprepared. I'm aiming for 90+ I'm going to...
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    For those who get 14/15 for creative writing, please advise.

    I got 9. I need help. :shoot:
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    quick question about advanced english!

    HEY GUYS! Well I got my trials back recently for english, and I dropped from 19/77 to 26/77 ... and I was extremely disappointed. Is it still possible to get and high band 5 with that ranking? I've under performed significantly in all my trials and I've begun to lose motivation for the...