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    Checking UNSW offers early

    I heard that there was a way to check your UNSW offers earlier than official UAC notification. Could someone let us know how to do it?
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    Raw marks in 2015

    Did anyone purchase their raw marks? Please share them here! :)
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    Time Dilation Q

    Can someone please explain how to get the answer? Thanks!
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    Decrease in flux density (Ruse Trial Q)

    From 2011 James Ruse Trial: Weights are added to the iron bar until the bar pulls away from the core. Explain why the brightness of the lamp momentarily increases at the instant the rod stops touching the iron core. (2 marks) The sample answer is: "The flux density in the coil decreases...
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    Likelihood they ask for 2 related texts?

    Is it worth preparing 2 related texts for Discovery and Mod C? Or will 1 related text be enough?
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    2007 HSC Q27a) - Blackbody radiation curve

    "Scientists tried to explain observations of black-body radiation using classicalwave theory and then quantum theory. How does quantum theory satisfactorily explain black-body radiation?" The marking comments said 'In the better responses, candidates linked quantum theory to problems with...
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    Discovery trial papers!?!?

    Where can I find some Discovery trial papers or half-yearlies? I literally have 0 resources, since my school doesn't give back papers :(
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    Features of Aether Model (HSC Q)

    Question: Outline TWO features of the aether model for the transmission of light. (2 marks, 2003 HSC) The marking notes by BOS (now BOSTES) said that "most candidates did not correctly give two features of the aether model and instead gave two properties of aether". I'm confused what's the...
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    Special Relativity and Michelson-Morley Experiment

    How did Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity explain the result of the Michelson-Morley experiment? (4 marks, 2001 HSC) Could someone help answer this question? I'm not really sure how the Einstein's theories and the MM experiment are interconnected. Thanks!
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    Transmission wires loss

    Since P=VI and V=IR, we get Power loss = I^2R and find that a low current results in less power loss. Thus, electricity is stepped up to high voltages since according to P=VI, a high voltage results in a low current. But, if I=V/R is substituted into the P=VI equation, giving us...
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    HSC Physics 2005 Q9

    Can someone please explain why the answer is C, not B?
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    Resources for 1984 & Metropolis?

    Does anyone have resources for 1984 & Metropolis, or just on Module A in general? Thanks in advance :)
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    Error on old selling 'HSC Notes and Textbooks' forum

    There seems to be an error on the 'HSC Notes and Textbooks' forum, as old posts where people were selling resources has become unavailable. It says that we need a password to access it. Could someone look into this?
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    Help responding to Discovery Q (Gray's poetry)

    How should you respond to this question, in regards to Gray's poetry? "To discover is to be enlightened. Do you agree?" For me, this question was really challenging because I thought that discovering and enlightenment are essentially the same thing, so there's nothing to talk about. Does...
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    Gray's poetry

    I'm struggling to find any link between Robert Gray's poetry and the concept of discovery. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Raw mark for 99 (state ranking) in 2U Maths?

    What raw mark is needed for a 99 HSC Mark (or state ranking) in 2U Maths?
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    Structuring a Latin essay

    Our teacher hasn't taught us how to structure a Latin essay, but when I flicked through past HSC Latin exams, they had 10 mark questions on Latin essays. Could someone tell me how they structured a Latin essay? Thanks! :)
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    Scoring 96+ HSC Mark in Advanced English

    Can someone provide tips on how to score 96+ HSC mark in Advanced English?
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    UMAT Preparation Advice

    Hi, I'm sitting the UMAT in 2015, with the dream of studying Medicine at university. Does anyone have an advice in terms of preparing for the UMAT?