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    Reaction Type - Between Calcium Carbonate + HCL --> Calcium chloride + water + calcium dioxide

    It is also known as an acid carbonate reaction Acid + Carbonate —> Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide
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    Brief Definition + Description Of Acid Base Reaction

    Acid + Base —> Salt + Water Also known as neutralisation
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    Year 11s, what do you do in your spares?

    Do my homework so I can chill at home
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    Chemistry assignment on seperation techniques, help!

    Oil and salt or sand and salt
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    2022 HSC chat

    Could you send me the link too?
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    how are ions atomised in a flame test???

    Everyone in year 11 is stuffed lol
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    What's necessary from Advanced?

    To be fair tho, that is still a pretty decent amount of kids.
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    What's necessary from Advanced?

    You have a lot of kids in your class?
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    What's necessary from Advanced?

    @Etho_x you vibing with Science Ext?
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    Is it possible to just pick up SOR2 after only doing SOR1? I didn’t know that was an option.
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    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    Thanks. Tbh I don’t know how I finessed my way into getting 2 accel classes.
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    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    I don’t do society accelerated but I do investigating and SOR1 accelerated. I felt so sleepy after my prelims lol. They don’t prepare you for exams longer than 1 hour. How did you go in your prelim?
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    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    Do you do society accelerated?
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    SOR Past Prelim Papers

    Hi guys, does anyone have any SOR past prelim papers, or have any clue as to where I could find some. Thanks!
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    Yr 10 Subject Selection

    Thanks so much for your advice! Its given me some insightful perspective. So I’ve shortlisted two subjects either Biology or Society and Culture. Whilst I could consider Physics, I personally find it a bit boring and the concepts are really abstract. So what do reckon I should pick out of the two?
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    Yr 10 Subject Selection

    Hey guys, just recently joined so sorry if I've posted this on the wrong forum. I'm currently in year 10 and my subject selections are due early next week. I wanted to get some of your opinions as you lot seem like a smart bunch, and I'm really stuck on certain subjects to pick. Currently, I'm...