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    Martin Polonus

    hi everyone!!!! i am almost finished my extension major, it is due in 7 days!!!! eek!! hehe. anyway, was just wondering if anyone has any really indepth information on Martin Polonus, i have searched the internet for hours and only ever come up with basic information ie, his works and when he...
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    time to panic perhaps?

    hi all!!!! reading everyones messages it is clear that most have done their major for ext!! I HAVENT STARTED!!!! ours isnt due to september, and i put it on a backliner against trials and the PIP, which i am starting to regret cozx i only have one month left!!! any way, due to lack of a...
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    HiStOrIaNs 4 TrIaLs

    hi!!! i have to answer a question, as does everyone else, on how history is written and how it has changed over time with varying interpretations from differing historians, etc. n e way, i chose to do herodotus, car, tactitus and marx. Are these appropriate selections? i want to focus more on...
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    BaLi!!! MeLaStI BeAcH ReSoRt

    hey!!! we r going to bali for schoolies for 7 days, m so excited but also a little scared!!! ie terrorism, drug smugglng etc!!!! it should be ok though!!! just wondering if n e one has stayed at the melasti beach resort or seen it? it is in legian, we r staying there and wondering if n e one...
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    hi!!! i know methodoligies should be know for the trial and HSC exam, but just how important are they really? like is there always a question relating to this? there is just so much of it to learn, and eachs advan. and disad, etc please help!! thanks!!
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    extension history for trials!!!!!

    please help!!!! i all really stuck for extension history trials, i know there will be two components, our teacher has told us that the first section will be regarding the attitudes of history over time, ie herodotus' and thuycisdies views etc and our 2nd component is something on bush legends...
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    UAI predictions....SORRY!!!!

    hi all!! i just dscovered this forum, what a great idea!!!! i dont really want to know my UAI because i am afraid i will do really bad, but am intrigued now, so here go's!!!! our teachers will not release the subject position until after the trials, so it is possible to be done off my marks...
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    sorry to bother again!!!! i just remembered!!! i am wondering if anyone is doing indonesia for a case study, and if they know what theory of development we should use? would it be the conflict theory for indonesia? any ideas would be fantastic!!! thankyou!
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    exam revision!!

    hi all!!! i have a stupid request! every exam i have done in society and culture has asked for a definition of personal experience and public knowledge, and i am still not sure what to write!! i dont know if we learnt it but if we did i mustnt have been in class that day! i am scared it...
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    Old kingdom egypt + myths/gods

    hello! just some last minute cramming before tomorrows exam!! AHHH!! i was just wondering if anyone has any information at all on an old kingdom egypt myth, i have seen the question come up numerous times in past papers and have a feeling that if i dont study it then it will be in the...
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    this is going to sound really ridiculous, but i was wondering if n e one had n e general information on cloudstreet??? it just dawned on me that i have none, our teacher has taught us to go in depth with our readings and the way in which we value the text from our p.o.v. but i have nothing to...
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    RnG/Hamlet help

    Just after some last minute notes for cramming before the exam the transformations exam!!! Is anyone able to refresh my memory regarding the meaning of iambic pentameter???? i know i have done it i just didnt really understand!!!! also i understand that in the transformations essay i need to...
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    pip title???

    hello!!! i finished my PIP last week and it is due next week and now i really dont know what to call it!!!! my topic is "Pressures the media places on female adolescents to conform to standards of beauty, and how this pressure has changed across generations" it talks all about role models, and...
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    HELP!!!!postmodernist ad modernist views

    does anybody have any information on post modern or modern views regarding history? We have to complete an in class essay on those two subjects with reference to keith windschuttle and henry renyolds, regarding the "history Wars". any help would be greatly appreciateded!!! please!!!! thankyou.!!!
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    is anyone doing cloudstreet by tim winton for their critical study of texts for english advanced? anyone?please? hehe. i really need help desperately on the relationship between fish and quick in regards to a spiritual reading. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! thankyou!!!!
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    ext history sylabus

    does anyone know the sylabus for the extension history HSC course? so far we have done historiography and the works of thycidities and the likes, but now all we do is spend our time in class doing work on our major!!! please help my teacher is hopeless! thankyou!!!! ;)
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    Body image survey

    please take the time to answer my online survey at: http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?id=93996 Any response would be greatly appreciated and goodluck to all doing the HSC and PIPS this year!!!!! :p
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    Survey Help!!!!!

    Hello!!!! i am doing my PIP this year on the media's expectations on adolescents in the sense of body image etc. i have made a survey and would really appreciate it if anyone could take 5 minutes to complete it, it would be the biggest help! thankyou so much and goodluck to all doing their...
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    PIP survey!!!!

    hi everyone! i am doing my PIP this year, and have found a really great site for online surveys, called www.freeonlinesurvey.com i have made a survey so could you please take 5 minutes and complete one for me!!!!! thankyou so much and goodluck for everyone doing the HSC this year!!!!! :p...
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    hi all i recently did a prac on the effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity and am stuck with answering the following question: any response would be fantastic! thanx! *explain the effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity