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  1. K

    CityRail - still training Sydney?

    i think you read about that in MX, the lady that wet herself? that was regarding the non functioning toilets on the intercity ones... i just hate the seats on cityrail trains..the millenium ones hve ok seating and the tangaras that are intercity as well as the old style intercity trains are...
  2. K


    maybe a bit mre info would be more helpful [previous unit from uws or another uni?], etc. the policy is here http://policies.uws.edu.au/view.current.php?id=00176 the form herehttp://pubsites.uws.edu.au/student/forms/Advanced_Standing_0207_web.pdf for me, i was a previous uws student applying...
  3. K

    Parra Campus: Microwave

    did u try the co op for cash out?
  4. K

    how do mobile phone plans work?

    im still naiive over plans...ive been checking them out on the internet but i dont understand, ive been a prepaid mobile user mostly so yeah... they say the three 29 plan, you pay 29 a month, and you get 120 credit...min spend is 20 and you get a free phone? does that mean whatever your...
  5. K

    The Official "I GOT THE JOB!!!:D:D" Thread

    and are you Pt, FT, and what did you need to get in?
  6. K

    Time spent travelling to work

    i think for me this issue has passed, its just hte peak hour services are pissing me off now that all trains are packed like a sardine can....i go in the mornings at 7.35 and it sucsk having ot stand for an hour.
  7. K

    Calling all Graduates, what are your plans???

    Those who are graduating, have you got a job, got a graduate position, or still looking? I just want to hear from all about your plans? feelings abotu it, joy, etc. I got a sales job at a call centre [Im a graduand, finished studies but yet ot go to the ceremony], its full time and its got...
  8. K

    Time spent travelling to work

    you are really good..i hate doing work on the train...there no place to write comfortably or read..the seats are crap and thats why i cant do uni work on the train...i usually just listen ot radio/music and look out hte window.
  9. K

    Student bank accounts

    sgb i had, basically a visa debit card but no monthly fees [called freedom student] and 10 transactions. now im with anz, as im not gonna be a student no more, but its 2 bucks a month, free interent transactions and 6 free electronic ones. if you dont use credit cards often, maybe an overdraft...
  10. K

    Time spent travelling to work

    55 mins by train to city town hall and a 15 min walk to the office for me. man, that is soo much time wasted...by car it might be more due ot traffic jams...
  11. K

    Best way to get to/from Parra Campus?

    there are traveltens for Sydney Buses, which cost about 10-11 bucks for brown sections and it gives you 10 trips to take whenever, no expiration date, and it allows oyu ot get on tebus quicker, so no lines! you buy them at cityrail ticket stations, just say student [show your student card...
  12. K

    Graduands recieve any emails?

    well, worried i am, since my frind had the graduate later becasue uws stuffed up their record, and sadi thet they werent finisehd... 5th of Feb? thats way too early for uni! 3 weeks less holidays.. but good luck with honours.
  13. K

    Graduands recieve any emails?

    on 15 Dec, uws sent out an email to those who handed in an application to graduate and said by mid january, our course coordinaters would confirm if you are eligible to graduate. Has any of those finished recieve any email regarding this? thanks
  14. K

    ATM withdrawal limits

    thanks all! :)
  15. K

    ATM withdrawal limits

    Hi, just wanted to ask you people how much do most ATM's let you withdraw per withdrawal? To explain, when you go to an ATM and punch in the numbers, whats the max you can take out in one go? my dad said for cba, its about 200 bucks..which is not great. so if oyu guys could tell me whic...
  16. K

    Achademic Advising Sessions and Orientation days

    nothing wrong with mothers mothering you a bit more...lol; my first enrolment/o day ther ewre a few people with their parents or siblings/brothers/sisters, its not a big deal, its just a day you do forms.get info, explore hte campus/rooms and maybe meet some new people in oyur coruse. i went...
  17. K

    I am so confused

    do you mean academic advising? thats on campus, and it speaks/advises new students on how ot enrol, which units etc. and academic credit as well as info on hte course i think... tute rego is online totally, you do it from your home computer, on the date and time of your units' school. all...
  18. K

    transport to campbelltown campus

    from c'town station to the campus there is the cityrail bus and there was a uws bus [dont know if it s still running?] you should check it with the www.131500.info site, its got all the bus/train and travel options etc. from c'town to the campus, its pretty close, i'd say about 6-7 mins...
  19. K

    Fees uws students can expect??

    pretty much, but some courses have some spcific fees e.g. science needs lab coats etc... with uni fees nad union fees, under vsu you can elect not ot pay but if oyu od you ge tdiscounts and rewards etc. prob those showbags are not free anymore lol./ last year they were abut 182 per semester for...
  20. K

    Creating your timetable

    its more a preference thna a necessity, people like ot do wolkr for their topic straight away thna leaveit, othe like to have soem time to do mroe study before tutes etc. Same with lecturers/tutors, due to the numbers, they have to have more tutes runnig ot fit, but it depends on personal...