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  1. JacktheChristian

    1992 4U HSC Paper Question 8b

    How should I approach this question (part ii and iii)
  2. JacktheChristian

    2020 HSC Question 25

    Thanks for the reply! 6 pages... how many words was that approximately?
  3. JacktheChristian

    2020 HSC Question 25

    I've been practising some business reports for my trials that are coming up and decided to do the 2020 HSC paper. Part of the question asks you to "Justify ONE promotional strategy the business could use". Does that mean choose one out of: advertising personal selling and relationship...
  4. JacktheChristian

    99.95 ATAR (2019) - HSC STUDY NOTES - New Syllabus Resources!

    All seriousness, who actually BUYS notes. Making your OWN notes in your OWN words is the only way to guarantee good marks in the HSC. Reading other peoples notes does not do you any favours. That being said, people like to check other peoples notes to make sure their notes are detailed or...
  5. JacktheChristian

    Business Studies + PDHPE Notes from $3

    Internal mark is different to HSC mark. Internal mark is the mark you got for Business Studies within your school whereas HSC mark is either your raw HSC mark or scaled HSC mark. The raw mark is what you got in the actual test and the scaled mark is the mark it was scaled to after taking...
  6. JacktheChristian

    Can English Standard dramatically drag your ATAR down?

    No. It won't. Get band 5 standard English and you'll easily get 95+. Your other subjects are insanely good.
  7. JacktheChristian

    How long should a 10 mark question be in pdhpe ?

    Lol. Still relevant, I guess...
  8. JacktheChristian

    How long should a 10 mark question be in pdhpe ?

    Nope. A 10 mark question should take a maximum of 20 minutes and should be a minimum of 2 pages. You're expected to write a minimum of 4 pages for the final (2) questions in the HSC PDHPE paper. That being said, 10 mark questions are not often asked. It goes from a 7 or 8 to 15-20 usually.