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    how did u feel

    how did everyone go? am i the only one who thinks this paper is very very very very much harder than thte trial i am totally sucked
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    essay question

    How did everyone go? my personally is quite socked by the essay question, coz it's asking for such a big area. u have to talk about the perspective, the way to compose, and your respond. i don't think i've done my best, any way, it's all finished. just wondering, how many other related...
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    dot point for medical physics

    Does anyone know how to explain why MRI scan can be used to: identify areas of high blood flow help, plz
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    don't feel like studying any more

    it's only 34 due to the HSC, everyone should be trying their best to study now. however, i don't feel like study anymore. does anyone feel the same as me? what should i do anyone can help?
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    medical physics Q

    Does anyone have the information on the syllabus dot point -- assess the impact of medical applications of physics on society Coz, i am having a research ass on this, and i can't find any. Thanx heaps
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    finished trial?

    Does everyone finished trial? How did u go? i am actually going to have it next week, feel a bit scared. does anyone know how can i get the past independent trial paper? is it harder than catholic ones or easier, u think?
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    Fitzpatrik soultion, plz

    hello, does anyone know where can i find the work solution for motion section in Fitzpatrik? coz i am totally puzzled and my teacher couldn't solve it out either. help,plz
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    help!! solutions,plz

    Does everyone has the solutions of dynamic and motion for Fitzpatrick. plz help me, coz my 'clever' teacher couldn't solve it out and i am so puzzled.
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    what i will get for uai

    :confused: just wondering if i can get a uai prediction i've got these marks in my half yearly subject mark rank ESL 90% 1/15 Ext1 math 98.5% 1/6 Ext2 math 99% 2/9 (combined with other school) Physics...