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    Your Statistics

    Post up all of your statistics people and we can make a BOS statistics archive. I only know the basic ones. 1 in 5 suffer from Mental Health CVD 36% all deaths Cancer 28% of all deaths CVD and Cancer are on the decrease I cant think of anything else but post up your statistics.
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    State Ranking

    Do we have any state rankers amongst us?? Does anyone have any idea what is needed for a state rank ??
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    Hardest 3U HSC

    Which one do you guys think was the hardest. I was wondering which ones were hard which ones were easier to you. I found them all much of a muchness but i havent done 2006 yet. So what do you think.
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    During reading time

    Ok so i may be over thinking it but i came up with 3 options. 1. Have a quick look over the whole paper. Advantages: Get extra thinking time especially for the harder questions. Get an idea of whats in the test. Disadvantages: May get daunted by the task especially if it is a hard test. May not...
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    Using the Tempest and a related material in Powerplay

    Question is the title. Is it commiting suicide to do so ?? My teacher said i did it well but it would be instantly like 2-3 mark dedcution because they know it will be reused or something. Is this true ??
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    I need like a metaphor or something for the rain being really heavy ?? Any Ideas ?? Im hopeless at being creative. The sentence is: The consistent rain had transformed into tumultuous storm with howling winds ..........finish please :)
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    90 in English

    What do you need /20 and /15 on average to get a 90.
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    What to do?

    So i have my prepared essay and prepared creative piece and know them off by heart. I have done all the past papers and adjusted it to them. I have sent them to my teachers improve where i went wrong for both the papers and the prepared essay. My question is what do i do know. Frankly im still...
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    Finishing Early

    Anyone else finding they are finishing their past paper (or trials in my case) frighteningly early. Like i finished to today in about 1 and a half hours. If this jsut because they are past trials ?? Also its not like im not attempting questions im doing every question altohugh im not going back...
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    What is the deal with scholarships if you defer for a year? I was told that you dont apply for them until next year but im a bit worried about this now so is this true?
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    2007 AOS paper

    Anyone else think this paper well parts 2 and 3 really really hard ?? Does that meant we may have en easy one this year??
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    HSC marks and Examination marks

    Ok so i dont really understand how it all works, here is my example our extension 2 class. This is what the school sent in The guy that came first got 85 i came equal second because of my lack of effort throughout the year with 68 The guy that came last got around 55. So say in the HSC the guy...
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    Pretty pictures in complex

    Any one have any tips or anything in this part of 4u for me. I can never seem to get any of them right and there has been one in most the papers that i have done. These are things like parralellograms etc. Or stuff between abs values = other stuff. Any tips.
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    96/100 or 48/50 what will it take?

    What raw mark do you think it will take to get 96/100??
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    English = Study block

    Is this true for anyone else or just me? Whenever i have to do english i just cant be bothered to study. Anything else im ok with i just have no motivation to do english. Anyone else like this ?
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    2006 CSSA Trial

    Has anyone done this paper. Did they also find it quiet easy. Im just wondering cause i got what i am aiming for on it and i dont know whether that was because it was easier or because i am getting better. So what did you guys think of it?
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    E4s In Ext 1 and Ext 2 maths

    What sort of raw mark do you think is needed to get an E4 in Ext 2 and a 95+ in Ext 1.
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    UAI Estimate

    English Rank 11/73 Ext 1 Rank 2/15 Ext 2 Rank 2/4 Pdhpe Rank 2/35 Chem Rank 3/15 (1% behind the equal firsts although that doesnt help now) School Rank 201