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    whats the best exercise?

    Table Pushaways
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    lagging bench

    Bench is meant to be less. General rule of thumb is 1:1.5:2 of bench:dl:squat Most people are roughly around this mark.
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    Weight lifting saftey tips...Plz add

    Or a wieght that you can handle and dont push urself past failure. I dont train with a spotter and i can tell u dont go for the extra rep like i did and end up with a heavy barbell sitting on ur chest and trying to have to get it off without being able to push it up.
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    sets x reps for weight gain.

    Rests are too long. i wouldnt recommend someone like him doing any less then 5 reps. Reps should never be "fast" paced. They may be explosive but never fast paced. Should always be controlled and the negative should always be quiet slow.
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    sets x reps for weight gain.

    First good post of this thread. To get big first thing is diet. Eat a calorie surplus. How much over depends on how fast u put the weight on and how fast u put it on determines how much fat you put on. Protein up it to above 1g per pound of bodyweight and eat an approximately 40/40/20 protein...
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    Gain Weight and Muscle

    I agree also form very very important slow controlled movements.
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    Gain Weight and Muscle

    No such thing as overdoing protien :P. I know a few people trying to mass that eat 2g per pound of bodywieght.
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    Gain Weight and Muscle

    Use drop sets at the end of every exercise more of a time thing and they demolish muscles.
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    Gain Weight and Muscle

    I think u guys are forgetting these guys are beginners and if they can only lift what they say that they can lift pushups will help as well as chinups and just body wieght squats for now. They can also add the 5 kg via a backpack and may last a few weeks with good results. Slow and controlled is...
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    How do you get tutored for english?

    All you can do is come up with 2 or 3 storylines (though i only had one) and keep handing copies into the teacher full copies to random questions and get them to mark and tell you where to improve. This is what i did and at the start of yr 11 i was told to drop advanced english and i ended up...
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    What do you think was the E4 cutoff for Maths Ext 2??

    i thought i got around 85 and i also got 91.
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    Take a look at how accurate bos member estimates are.

    For me: English Rank 10/73 Ext 1 Rank 2/15 Ext 2 Rank 2/4 Pdhpe Rank 2/35 Chem Rank 3/15 School Rank 201 "should be looking at 93-96" SimDim "SimDim is pretty much on the money, so to speak." Crates "94ish" D3vils "a UAI of 94-95 if you go well in the externals." Shaon0 2008 UAI: 98.35...
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    boxing day sales

    Bought a watch today 25% off ended up being 105.
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    Physio @ Cumberland

    You can get let in if you are close to the cut off. My brother got 95.65 and he got into something needing 96.55. Also i got told that the opputunity of a transfer is impossible. They dont do it for physio but u can do exercise and sport science and then physio post grad (1 extra year all up)...
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    boxing day sales

    All the sunnies that i wanted werent on sale. And im not paying 300 for sunnies.
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    What was your top/worst subject?

    Best: Ext 1 Worst: Chem/Eng.
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    how often do u wash ur hair?

    Yea thats me. Probably on average about every 6 weeks.
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    Help! What Do You Think Is Better?

    I rekon what you should do (if you can) go to the uni that you want to go to and do an easier subject to get into that is related. Once you have doen that work your arse off and get high marks in the subject and then try to transfer.
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    exam marks for 96+ UAI

    Those marks would get more liek 98 UAI if the others follow suit.
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    Anyone get 95+ without TUTORING?

    I got Eng (adv) 87 Math Ext 1 96 Math Ext 2 91 PDHPE 96 Chemistry 90 And UAI of 98.5 without 1 second of tutoring.