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    anyone put down communications or media?

    hey anyone doing media and comminucations, or would like to, or doing a similar thing? I have like put in for it at like 4 uni's Bit worried about the theory in it, cause like.. hmm sounds like english horrible stuff. I wanted to escape that.
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    um am i the only one who is bad in physics?

    hey i read all this stuf on here, and I seem to be the only one who does not know what they are going on about. so reasurrance please.. there are yr 11 students flippin starting to study! And i am yet to start, 4 days before the exam!! anyone in my position??
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    I love clean water...

    hmmm yeah, i think my mum could have answered that friggin question! I reckon my little sister would have got over 50% for that exam!! And yes it was very flippin broad!! Does anyone have any idea about red blood cells?? They either ask stuff that a garden gnome would know, or stuff that was...
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    Easier than trial??

    hey, do u reckon that it was easier than the trial?? or was it the same? or was it harder? I found it was about the same as the catholic trial.
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    Albert speer

    hey who else thought they couldnt write much on the second question of albert speer! It was only half of his career! Oh well, its all over
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    History Is Today

    Hey everyone. History is today. Who feels unprepared?!??? I hope the questions are not as freaky as last year. Well we will find out very soon anyways. Good luck everyone.
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    John Donne

    Hey, anyone doing this guy? Does anyone else sitting in a double english, while your teacher goes off in some tangent, not related at all to the text, and you just wanna tell her off....... anyways