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    exercise science at ACU

    is anyone else doing this course?
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    Exercise Science At Acu

    just wondering did anyone else get in?? :)
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    Art Express Preselection

    hey just wondering if anyone else got preselected
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    hey im interested in sport and exercise science im looking into ACU and UWS does any one have any opinions on which is the best option and also i am worried about the job opportunities after completion of the course is it hard to find work after completing this course, or can you get...
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    SUMMER SCHOOL AT Uni Syd 2006-2007

    hey is anyone here going to summer school?
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    Feminism Theme For My B.o.w

    hey guys im doing a feminist theme for my body of work 2007 im doing 5 scultpural pieces im using barbara kruger, cindy sherman, julie rrap, jenny holzer and some other feminists artists as my main influences does any one have any suggestions/advice/ideas thanks heaps! =)