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    short answer questions

    i have recently been practicing a lot of short answer questions for common mod, but find that i go over the time limit for every single question. i can’t figure out whether it’s because im taking too long to answer them, or because i’m writing too much (trials were typed). so i was wondering...
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    policy interest rate corridor

    could we ever get asked a question that’s more than 3 marks on only the policy interest rate corridor? i’ve heard that the implementation of MP is less important than whether it’s expansionary or contractionary. in my notes i only have a couple of points on this section (not enough for a 5...
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    am i approaching this the right way…

    um, so i just realised that i have 16 essays that i’ve gotta memorise. im familiar with most of them, and no stranger to memorising in a night, but whenever i look at the list i get heart palpitations. any tips on how i should approach this? i was considering revising content and past papers...
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    atar estimate?

    would i be able to PM my ranks to someone for an atar estimate? thanks!
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    specific pen for the hsc??

    i’ve heard rumours that for the hsc you’re expected to write with a black pen, so that it’s easier for the markers to read your scanned writing. Would it be just as acceptable to use a thick and inky blue pen? there’s a specific brand that i’ve been using for since year 11 and i swear it has...
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    should i share my essays with my grade?

    i’ve heard that doing shit like this after trials is strategic, because it leads ur cohort to scale better. but what if a bunch of ppl were to hypothetically memorise and regurgitate an essay that i had written? does anyone know what consequences are associated with that?
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    can you chill once you get accepted into a course

    so i’ve heard that passing classes is sufficient once you get to uni, and get into ur course, is that true? also next year i don’t want to revolve my life around studying, because that’s what this year was for. there are so many other life experiences that i want to prioritise over getting...
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    how does inflation impact the AUD?

    heyy, so basically with eco, I always make sure that I understand everything that I read and put in my notes, however, there is just one concept that I haven’t been able to get my head around. Why would foreign exchange markets (or investors I guess) lose confidence in our economy if we’re...
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    hey, can anyone find a technique in this quote besides macabre/morbid imagery? The fatalistic repercussions of Victor’s creation are exemplified through the [insert adjective/technique] revelation that his best friend Henry “had apparently been strangled, for there was no sign of any violence...
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    hey, i was just wondering anyone knew whether we can support our insights by referencing a specific philosopher/philosophy in adv english, or would that only be allowed in extension? thanks!
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    modern history trial papers

    hey, does anyone happen to have modern trial papers from 2019 onwards? thanks!
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    human experience in mov?

    basically what human experience epitomises a societies obsession with money or what is the experience of being dependant on something? *** mov refers to merchant of venice btw basically in one of my paragraphs i want to discuss the addictive and all-consuming nature of wealth/money (this is...
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    study tips + motivation <3

    hey everyone, i was thinking of creating a thread where we can all share a bunch of study tips and inspiring things to motivate us to smash trials and rank first in everything (no i'm not joking) let me remind ya'll that your internal ranking has a massive impact on your ATAR. trials will be...
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    First part-time job after the HSC

    Does anyone know of qualifications that I can attain or courses I can take to increase my employability? btw I don't have any previous work experience
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    if people tie first in a subject - are they all allocated the highest internal?

    pls don't tell me it's alphabetical
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    People doing well in English Advanced/Extension

    anyone interested in starting a conversation/thread and providing each other with feedback for essays/paragraphs?
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    Mod B Tips?

    Does anyone have advice on how to approach the essay for the critical study of lit? Mod A was straightforward because it was about the significance of textual conversations. but idk what to focus on for Mod B. 'texts are constructed with integrity in order to challenge/engage audiences...
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    impact of messing up an exam?

    so far i'm ranked top 3 in all my subjects except in subject Y and am coming first in at least two. today i had an exam for subject Y and i assured myself that i would compensate and aim for full marks. however, it involved memorizing an essay, and let's just say i over-estimated my writing...
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    advantage of USYD over UTS?

    ATAR for USYD is considerably higher (e.g. business commerce) would a degree from USYD increase employability prospects? if not, then why is the ATAR requirement so much higher? Thank you!
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    Practice Paper Advice?

    at this stage, should we be taking practice papers open or closed book? in terms of new content