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    Accessing ATAR on Thursday.

    Hey guys, This may seem like a really dumb question but to access my atar online do I just log onto my UAC account and there will be a link somewhere? Cheers and goodluck
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    Partial fractions recognition

    Hey guys, In a lot of the past HSC integration questions I've done/looked at they seem to give you the tip off that you need to use the partial fractions method if it is required. (They might begin with "Find values of A, B and C such that Ax+B/... + C/... = ..."). Have any of you ever seen an...
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    Maths 2U vs Maths 4U

    Hey guys, currently studying 4U maths but struggling slightly and we are behind in the course (still have mechanics, volumes, harder ext 1 and half of ploys to go).. we have virtually finished the 2u course and i am confident i could get a raw mark of 95 in the 2u exam. I was wondering what raw...
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    Past Papers With Answers

    Hey guys, For ext. 1 I use the "Excel - Success One" book to practise past papers and have access to fully worked answers but Excel do not do one of those books for ext. 2. Does anyone know of any books which contain past papers and answers (preferably fully worked) for the 4 unit course? Any...