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    should i drop need advice

    i am currently doing 13 units adv eng, ext math, bio, economics, business and it I am ranking really well in all my subjects and specifically 1st in ipt i don't know if I should keep it even though Im not interested and would rather focus on other subjects, compared to my other subjects its...
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    Perms and combs

    Knights Tour Investigate the following modified Knights Tour problem. In this investigation, you will need to know how a knight moves on a chessboard. Basically it can only move two places forward and one place left o right, just like the letter L. If the knight starts in the Top Left square...
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    Can you guys identify the technique and effect of this quote for me

    Quote 1 - "Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of phase" Quote 2 - "I was hopeless boring, and she was endless fascinating"
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    Idt or ipt

    What’s the difference idt and ipt which one is better which one is harder any opinions thoughts
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    Thoughts on IPT

    Considering choosing ipt Next year just wondering thoughts and opinions on it. Any advice or past experiences.
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    Should I change my subjects need help

    Going into year 11 and stressing over my subjects and whether or not they are too hard, boring or just need thoughts/ advice. my subjects are: Extension Math Advance English Physics (wondering whether i should change to ipt but don't know if its good) Biology Economic Modern History...