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    Uni VS High School

    Whilst this site is buzzing, What are the MAIN differences between learning in Uni compared to learning in High School?
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    They made it hard for people who had pre-prepared essays and stories. Did Genre: Science Fiction, essay was kind, and creative was definitely tricky - I felt like I was trying to revive a dead cat most of the time. wbu?
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    Ranking and Final Mark in Exam!

    Yo He's a scenario I am in for the upcoming Bio exam. I'm ranked 2nd, and the person ranked 1st is ahead of me by probably 7 marks from our school based assessments in Biology. In the HSC exams, if I were to say, get a raw mark of 88 (then of course this will most likely allign to a...
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    estimayte plz

    school rank 400s fluctuates HEAPS. Dux have ranged from 60 to 99 in just three years LOOL rank + raw trial mark Legal studies: 1/9 91% (teacher is hsc marker, usually half cohort gets B6) Business: 1/10 83% (wasnt the highest trial mark, somehow still rank 1st lol) adv english: 5/11 74%...